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Pete Wells' Favorite NYC Bars

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Not to take this too seriously, but it's a remarkable mash of upscale and deep diving.


Not many people could seriously evince a fondness both for Bemelmans and the holland Bar; for Brandy's and White Star; for Bill's Gay Nineties and Mayahuel. I salute an eclectic boozer.


Also, the inclusion of Frank's Cocktail Bar is yet further cast-iron evidence that the Times dining section does nothing but read the Pink Pig all day. :cool:


Accademia di Vino

Bemelmans Bar

Bill’s Gay Nineties

Black Swan

Brandy’s Piano Bar

Bushwick Country Club


Fort Defiance

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge

Henry Public

Holland Bar

Hotel Delmano

The International

Lenox Lounge

Little Branch


Molly’s Pub and Shebeen

Palace Café


Pegu Club

Roebling Tea Room

Rusty Knot


The Summit Bar

White Star

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Oh come on. Both you and I could. We're not THAT unique.


ETA -- Except for the places in Williamsburg and its locale, I think I could honestly say I've drank in each of those places at least once in the last two years or so (except Brandy's Piano Bar, whatever that is). I don't think that's so special.

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I certainly count myself as someone with eclectic tastes in bars. Ask a fellow MF'er where we went after Sardi's (ask him, he won't tell you).


Brandy's on the Upper East Side used to be a big favorite with a British friend of mine, now repatriated. It's a little slice of Greenwich Village uptown. By chance, he was also a daily regular at Bill's, mainly for the chicken wings. I haven't revisited those places in a while.


I would say I've missed about half the places on that list, actually.

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Okay, less than half. I am just starting to remember some of them. :blush:


I think that as your memory clears, you'll see it's well less than half.


The Palace Cafe is out in Brighton Beach?


I think it's in Greenpoint or something.

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The one thing I find a little odd is Accademia del Vino. I mean, aside from the fact that we all KNOW that Terroir is (are) the best wine bar(s) in New York, is Accademia that special? I guess he's just making a point that it's kind of underrated (mainly I'd guess because of its location).

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