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I just took a challah out of the oven, the first I've ever made using bread flour. All these years, I've had the notion that bread flour would produce a heartier, heavier bread than I like, and I've

Best loaf yet!

Bagels boiled in lye solution. Getting there...

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9 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:


The problem with the ooni is it really doesn't have much mass to it, so while you can get it really roaring hot ...anything that benefits from heat retention is tough. I had fantasies of baguettes, but I think that's gonna be tricky..

Eh?    Baguettes take under 15 minutes...

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6 hours ago, AaronS said:

leaving the baking steel in the oven bent the racks in the oven pretty severely,

Yeah, that was my first guess.  I have these full-extension racks (which of course didn't come with the oven, but were an upgrade), rated at 52 lbs. per, so I think I'm good. Time will tell. 

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On 12/5/2020 at 11:38 AM, Orik said:

Looks good. I'm going to try and make the Roscioli pizza bianca in our grill soon, practicing towards having a pizza oven.

Here's what the 3rd hunk of dough from the batch I made the other night turned into, instead of a third pizza.


I could almost call it pizza bianca, though I think it needs to be a little thicker - I really didn't let it proof at all, and baked it in a baking pan.

@Orik - is the Roscioli dough you're working on the one will milk & malt in it?

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On 12/19/2020 at 8:00 AM, Stone said:

I made sourdough pizza last night.  Very good, but a lot of work.  This is the morning bake.  Pretty straightforward. Not as much rise as prior efforts, but a very tangy smell.  



Did you use a lame to make that beautiful leaf pattern on the top loaf?

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13 hours ago, joethefoodie said:


This batch, I'm giving Mel the win. Though the fact they were still warm from the oven might have something to do with that.


From another borough, I just want to give a shout-out to the baguettes from Olmsted Trading Post, which are rather wonderful.  And are never not warm from the oven (that's how fast they sell and bake them).

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While I'm at it, let me also shout out Olmsted Trading Post's stollen, which is insanely good.  I mean, insanely.  I had to restrain myself from finishing a whole loaf at lunch today.

If you're anywhere near the vicinity, get in there on Wednesday (I THINK they'll be open) (they'll be closed Monday and Tuesday) and get some.  You'll thank me.

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