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I just took a challah out of the oven, the first I've ever made using bread flour. All these years, I've had the notion that bread flour would produce a heartier, heavier bread than I like, and I've

Best loaf yet!

Close your eyes and think of Tuscany. 

Posted Images

Thanks! These are the recipes I used:



If I decide to make this a regular thing, I'll get some malt powder & vital wheat gluten, but I have three kinds of flour in the house already, and I'm not buying any more right now.

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14 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Yeah!  I'm glad that somebody still makes them right.

I couldn't read the article, as I've reach my limit (oh, I've reached my limit for sure and fuck them)..

But I caught a picture of that thing and that ain't no bagel. And how is soft and squishy (if that's what it said - and fuck them), any different than practically every bagel made since Lender's?

I'm quite interested in trying Mark's off Madison.

And this article, which I also can't read cause fuck them, all the bakeries and then some...


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On 12/5/2020 at 11:38 AM, Orik said:

Looks good. I'm going to try and make the Roscioli pizza bianca in our grill soon, practicing towards having a pizza oven.


On 12/5/2020 at 12:14 PM, joethefoodie said:

Oh yeah!!! My favorite...


While I doubt I'll ever approach the deliciousness of the pizza bianca/pizza rosa at Antico Forno Roscioli, Forno Campo de'Fiori, et al. (I'm leaving that to @Orik!), I can't give up trying. So while leafing through a few books, I came across a fairly benign recipe in Parla's Tasting Rome, which as it happens, is very similar to Kenji's recipe on Serious Eats. Neither of these recipes is the same as the recipe in the Roscioli book (which calls for milk as a small percentage of the liquid, and also adds malt (which I have to assume is non-diastatic malt powder). Now Katie certainly has a relationship with the Roscioli family, and certainly has a relationship with the Campo peeps, so a guess is that her recipe somehow incorporates their thinking, riffs on their ingredients, and takes their techniques into consideration. Like I'll never be able to do this...


Look at all that pizza!

Yesterday's attempt, dough started in the morning. Using 500 g KA bread flour, 80% hydration, 2 grams of instant yeast, 11 grams of salt. Folded maybe 4 times over the course of the next few hours, and baked at 6:30, after preheating the oven/steel for a hour. Half was spread with tomato, the other just olive oil and salt.



Not bad. Too, mmmmm, fluffy (?) for me. I let the dough proof on the baking sheet for an hour or so, and I think it shouldn't proof at all. But - it's a start.


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Good looking stuff! I was a bit suspicious of the recipe as written (and yes, that's diastatic malt) so I did some poking. If you look at the video starting at 0:59 you'll see that he's putting oil on before baking, although of course there's no oil inside the dough itself or it would be a focaccia. 




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Yes, that was impressive. I also found out that they use T55 / Tipo 0 flour, which is probably somewhere between KA bread flour and all purpose. 

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With a slightly different dough formula (68% hydration, a teaspoon of sugar, and a T of olive oil in the build - so the NY style crust dough per Baking Steel peeps), after a full day's ferment in the fridge, I attempted another pizza bianca/pizza rossa.


Nice and bubbly in the sheet pan. 


And the next day, I reheated a leftover slab, opened it up, and stuffed it with prosciutto - it was quite good.

Then, same dough, but another full 24 hours in the fridge, made pizza last night...



Got it stretched quite thin, and it was very tasty. But - I don't know if I like the extra couple of days fermenting in the fridge. The flavor is nice for sure, but it has a more chewy consistency, for want of a better word.

I think after I make another 1,000 or so pizzas, I'll have this game down.


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On 1/30/2021 at 6:27 PM, Orik said:

Yes, that was impressive. I also found out that they use T55 / Tipo 0 flour, which is probably somewhere between KA bread flour and all purpose. 

Wish me luck...


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