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This is the first Dutch oven bread I've made that I thought was good, instead of just pretty good. The learning curve continues. Am I supposed to spritz it with water, like I did when I baked on the steel? 'Cause it isn't as crusty as I'd like. And apparently I'm also afraid to leave it in long enough to get as dark as it should be, but I'm working on that



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I just took a challah out of the oven, the first I've ever made using bread flour. All these years, I've had the notion that bread flour would produce a heartier, heavier bread than I like, and I've

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I don’t really think it needs the spritz going into the hot Dutch oven.

when does the lid come off. I’d say 20 minutes with lid on is plenty.  You could even then finish baking it on the actual oven rack, if you can figure how to get it out of the Dutch oven without singeing yourself. 

And yes, let it get a little more cooked - don’t be afraid.

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9 hours ago, small h said:

Noted. Will de-lid it earlier, and suppress my worry of burning it to a crisp if I leave it in too long. Since I drop it in the Dutch oven on parchment, I can probably haul it out the same way without too much mishegas.

Yep - I don't know the starting temp you use to heat your Dutch oven (nor do I know if you have an oven thermometer (Don't You??!!) in the oven to see if the temp is accurate), but you can lower the temp by say 25 - 50℉ to finish the baking.

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I preheat at 500 and then drop the heat to 450 when I put the bread in. Covered for 25:00, uncovered for (I think) 15:00, this time. Those temps/times are a holdover from a Leahy no-knead recipe I've been relying on for some time. I have this thing:


which I aim at the baking steel to see the oven temperature. It's pretty accurate, I think. I also stashed the dough in a loaf pan for the last 4 hours of rise, to keep it from spreading out so much. This turned out to be a good idea.

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Decided to play around with bread, instead of just pizza/focaccia.

Using Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast.

2nd attempted Dutch-oven boule with a lot of apparent slashing, because the first one apparently had none.


Looking good from the outside - we'll see what happens when I cut into (preferring to give 1 to 2 hours before that takes place.

Oh - this is his White Bread with Poolish (this blog is making half the recipe, or one loaf's worth) - the poolish ferments overnight, bulk ferment is like 3 hours in the morning, proof is about an hour. Save half of the dough for, yes, pizza and/or focaccia.

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