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Just happened to be in the neighborhood today for lunch.. Honestly, I promise. I am really diggin Elmhurst.. Firstly, for it's location to my house.. I think door to door, 7 miles.. Which, in NYC terms, could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.. However, it's been taking just about 20 to 30 minutes..


So, just a quick jaunt up 278 brings me into Elmhurst.. I pass Nasura Thai, I notice a Penang, a Pho Bang Vietnam, another Vietnamese Restaurant, a Thai/Japanese Place, Malayasian Restauarant, just lots and lots of places..


I had looked up Ploy on Yelp and it had received wonderful remarks.. Of course Sri comes up, another group of people from Thailand say it's there favorite place outside of Thailand.. Certainly not the end all be all but, enough to motivate..


I arrive to a place that looks like a Chinese Take Out.. I think there were 5 tables of 4 and 2 tables of two.. I sit down and a very pleasant person asks for my order.. I only have a few bucks on me and they do not take credit cards.. I want to order the Fried Catfish Salad but, Miss A and I are scheduled to return tonight.. I have taken a vow as her husband and ordering fried catfish salad without her, well, it just isnt a smart thing to do..


I order the Nam Tok sp? a BBQ pork salad w/ stick rice.. With lots of rice powder and chiles, awesome BBQ Pork and some red onion.. The pork is excellent.. Large pieces, really good quality, no fatty pieces, very juicy, cooked perfectly.. The fish sauce and lime dressing is tart and refreshing.. I told myself I was going to stop once half the plate was finished.. Then I started to pick, next thing I know, I am sopping up the last of the sauce with the sticky rice..


The menu is very extensive.. I was the only non Thai in the joint.. I arrived at 12 and there was a line of people waiting when I left at 12:25.. A good sign..


Price is not cheap but, the quality is certainly high.. Will give a full report if we still make it there this evening..

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Yeh well, I don't feel the need to sensationalize here.. The food is good, the food is interesting.. Just touching on a few more items off the extensive menu, we were very happy.. Again, I am not speaking in terms of bests, the place is good, very good.




Miss K started with Satay.. Not served on sticks.. The peanut sauce was sweet and more smooth than most versions I have tasted.. The satay did not have a grill taste, had more of a curry taste..





We started with the Fried Catfish Salad.. This being Miss A's favorite dish.. We have had this at many Thai places.. This was certainly a good version.. Different versions have had peanuts or cashews.. We prefer cashews more.. And this version had lots of fresh papaya and sweet mango.. We have never had it with mango.. Because of the mango, the normal Thai basil and cilantro might not have worked as well. So, there was none in the dish.. We certainly missed it.. But the fish cake was fried really well.. It was more spongy and I personally feel might have been the best version I have tried.. But, missing the spice and with comparing it to the hotter more herbacious flavors of other versions, it's certainly a good version.





I forget the name but, it was described as a Sour Curry with Raw Papaya and Shrimp.. After practically begging for more spice, they did not disappoint.. This dish was very spicy.. Had an interesting sour pickled taste with perfectly cooked chunks of papaya.. Interesting dish.. We really enjoyed this.. Lots of shrimp . Spice came from dried powdered peppers.. Again, no fresh chile taste.






Ok.. So I have learned this lesson in Indian Restaurants and i guess this hold true with any restaurant.. DO NOT CHALLENGE THE COOK TO MAKE A DISH AS HOT AS SHE CAN.


Catfish Ped ped:


A wonderful version.. Super spicy.. Perfectly cooked pieces of catfish.. Perhaps my favorite version of this dish.. This being another favorite of ours.. Happy to see Thai Basil made an appearance.. I think we definitely relieved them of their fear of giving the Gringos spice..




So overall, the meal was very good.. Better than Sri, I dont think but, i have only had one and a quarter meals here.. Worth trying, definitely.. We passed Ayada Thai and Nasura Thai, Spicy Shallot.. Two places we will try most likely before coming back.. But, this is defintiely a unique place with a lot of potential..Quality is high and prices are lower than Sri and other places..

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Anyone been to Ayada? There are rapturous reviews on Chowhound, some of which claim that it's better than Sripraphai. OTOH many of the raves come from people who also claim that Sri isn't as good as it used to be. That makes me question their judgment.

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Anyone been to Ayada? There are rapturous reviews on Chowhound, some of which claim that it's better than Sripraphai. OTOH many of the raves come from people who also claim that Sri isn't as good as it used to be. That makes me question their judgment.

I've never been to Ayada, but I've gotten delivery from them quite a few times and have been really happy with everything I've gotten. As good as Sripraphai I think, but not better. I might choose to eat there instead of Sripraphai if it were a time when there were long lines to sit at S.


I only went to Chao once and had some good food although one dish was inedibly spicy for me and I have a very high tolerance for spicy food.

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Nice post. Good photos. I keep forgetting to get over to try this place. There are so many Thai places around these days but whenever I've walked past Ploy Thai the smells were enticing: pungent and earthy and herbal.

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