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White Slab Palace

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Wasn't there a movie about that with Liv Ullmann chained to a radiator?


Of course, when one is chained to a radiator in the extreme north of Sweden, one doesn't feel as strong an urge to escape as in the American South.


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I can just see it.


CUSTOMER (lying on floor in pool of spreading blood, caribou head on top of his own): Ooooooooooh, help, please, someone . . . I just got hit by this moosehead . . . . oh, someone, please . . . .


MANAGER: Sir, that is a caribou head.

i believe it was a female customer. gave her a concussion, iirc.


ETA: was curious and i looked it up, PETA got involved :lol: predictably, she's suing the place - the damn thing apparently weighs 150 pounds, no wonder they moved it over the bar (assuming they only have one moose caribou head)

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MANAGER: Madame, that is a Caribou head.



madame is representing herself in the case, too. i guess she wasn't hurt too badly.


the best part of this story to me is that it turns out to be true! i thought you were all riffing on an idea (and well!) but this is real. and there is a caribou involved. ahhh, truth is always stranger than fiction.


i had a late afternoon snack and cocktail there about 2 months after it opened and thankfully remained un-concussed as a result. i remember liking the shrimp and toast, and the oysters but i really deeply appreciated that they could do a bloody mary with aquavit - my favorite version. their being swedish and all made it an easy score. but i also remember that the service was incredibly strange. the waitstaff kept disappearing through a small door that must have led to a basement kitchen that they seemed to shut carefully so as not to intrude with all the behind the scenes mechanics and then they'd never return. we wondered what lay beneath. perhaps preparing the next caribou head.....but i think our simple meal just took its toll on them. always meant to return to see how it was progressing and to be able to post about it with more experience but never felt like going. does seem best as a lazy afternoon spot.

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Had a late drink here last night. What an odd place. Run by odd if very friendly people. One almost needs to employ a pickaxe and crampons to 'scale' as my friend put it a barstool. Very big cocktails but not very good (made by a tall Pole my friend started referring to as 'Lurch'). Cava was a bit warm.

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The bar is ridiculously high. I did like their food, but couldn't face the drunken crowd again.


Owner to architect: "There are so many bars around catering to the B&T crowd... I feel like we should set the bar high."

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