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Kadeau looks pretty good , has anyone here been? I am thinking of having one high Nordic meal, Iluka one evening, maybe a wine bar the other.

I had a really spectacular meal there about 2 months ago.  I enjoyed it enormously.  

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COPENHAGEN SUMMER 2010 a/k/a Copenhagen Without Noma   The first thing you notice here is that everybody is gorgeous. Gorgeous and well-dressed. I don't want to say anything good about Hitler, bu

Spent most of last week in Copenhagen with an old friend. Overall, I thought the food was very good.   Radio This was my favorite meal.   Scallop / Spring Cabbage / Mustard / Cress   Cod / Cucu

The Times recently inferred that if you can't book Noma, Relae is a good consolation prize.

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I’ve been on the Mortons Kro mailing list since my meal there in 2013, jonesing from afar for their inventive Nordic fare. I’m glad to read they’re muddling through the pandemic with take-out meals. Here’s the holiday menu, at the bargain price of EUR 60. Plus, they have a great offering of smørrebrøds. Glædelig jul!

The inn's housemade gravlax, served with classic mustard sauce with dill and brown sugar. Glazed black salsify, picked dill, mixed greens and fried capers

Thin slices of North Jutland beef served as tartar (not sure how this description really works, but hey, the Danes) with pickled cranberries, marinated beech mushrooms, shaved truffle and grated dried goose liver

Split fresh duck leg braised in own cloud (no idea what “i egen sky” means as a prep) and herbs served on glazed red cabbage, quince puree and thyme-fried carrots. / andesky / (??) soya dip

Five French cheeses served with rye biscuits and pickled rutabaga in cognac

Confectioner's mousse of white Valrhona chocolate with almonds and caramel bits –  rum-pickled cherries – signature chocolate

Housemade bread made with flour from Aurion in Hjørring and two kinds of local butter from Aabybro

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