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Portland, ME

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Even though I haven't tried it, I'm certain that if the lobster being served at Foxface is currently coming from Maine and is being caressed by Dave, it's gonna be good.

Because we had these beautiful 1.5 pounders last week, in Portland, at Scales. And they were among the best whole lobsters I've eaten.


Oyster list (here) was much shorter this time vs. last visit...


The bar is the place to sit...


They serve them right up in a trough...


Oysters from Maine are my favorites...


This special of clams with house cured hunks of bacon wasn't bad, either...


Just to round it out...


Three peas. And apparently a little ham.  Good, fun place. And they make a proper cocktail, at least at the bar.

A place we'd wanted to try on our last trip, but didn't get around to, is Twelve, located at the new-ish waterfront development known as Foreside.

It's not in this building...


But it's close enough...


The whole complex sure looks better on its website than it did in person!

Twelve has a distinguished team, led by...


Colin Wyatt returned to Maine after twelve years working in New York’s DANIEL and Eleven Madison Park, where he led the team awarded the accolade of “The World’s Best Restaurant” in 2017. A veteran Portland chef, the natural beauty, vibrant culture, and passion of Maine’s growers and creatives ultimately called him back to open the doors of Twelve. “Maine has always been a place I wanted to return to. As beautiful as it is, I think it’s the people that attract everyone to the state. This is why I came back and why I wanted to start this restaurant. Twelve is a way for us to be a part of this community and hopefully, add our own voice to it.”

They offer both a la carte and prix fixe dinner.


Everything on the menu is available a la carte:


The app portions are not skimpy...they're huge.  


The quite wonderful asparagus with a morel vol-au-vent.


Just as good fluke crudo with rhubarb and cucumber.


Had to have the pain as well.


This is the tautog, in a carrot bisque. Tautog, if you've never had, is a pretty delicious fish.


But enough of fish...I had well-cooked duck; the confit portion of the dish is the fried "stick," which really didn't work for me. The beets I put up with. Dessert was good, no pix. Had a good time and an excellent waiter.

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This was kind of a special trip to Portland, because for the first time we were able to visit a place that had not been easily accessible on past visits.

It started at the Portland Museum of Art, where a number of Winslow Homer works are on display. 


This is Weatherbeaten; I do not believe it made it to the grand show that the Metropolitan put on in 2022; that was called Crosscurrents.

But the fun was just starting; after a quick tour of a few of Homers' works in the museum, we headed out to Prouts Neck...


And Winslow's studio.  The only way to visit the studio is via the Portland Museum.


His studio was originally a carriage house next to the family home, but the carriage house was moved a number of yards away from the home, and it was expanded to eventually include the 2nd floor, a gift from his brother (who was a chemist for Valspar, and a co-inventor of clear varnish!).

When you visit Prouts Neck, not only can one look out this window, which is the exact same size as the painting Weatherbeaten...


But one can also stand at the approximate spot where Homer worked on that piece of art...


On a much nicer day. 


That's our guide.

Pretty great day for a fanboy like me.

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