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two places to stop by after the visits to the museums and palaces (besides coffee and pastries, that is). one is on dorotheer right out of josef's platz called Trzesniewski (we decide the tr is silent) which looks like a little wine bar- cozy, with tiny tables in stools in nooks and corners, tightly packed. they have small rectangles of 25 varieties of open face sandwiches that you can pick from and a clerk places them on your plate. beer for 1 euro - a wine glass size which was perfect for me - it was cold, clean tasting and delightful.


the other is behind the St.Stehen cathedral on Stephans Platz on Lugeck called Sababa - falafal, shwarma. great stuff. our waiter spoke to us in urdu - he was a hazara from pakistan.


vienna is beautiful, opulent. great contrast from budapest from where we drove in.

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two places to stop by after the visits to the museums and palaces (besides coffee and pastries, that is). one is on dorotheer right out of josef's platz called Trzesniewski (we decide the tr is silent

Nothing first hand but the following might be worth investigating ...   When I was dining at Azurmendi this past summer, I chatted for a bit with a very interesting, well-traveled and stylish couple

It's been about three years, but we had a nice meal with friends at Zum Schwarzen Kameel. I can't vouch for it personally but this looks really appealing to me (from Sueddeutsche Zeitung:)





Hier ist nicht nur der Tafelspitz spitze. In ihrer schicken City-Gastwirtschaft servieren Ewald Plachutta und sein Team über ein Dutzend Arten von gekochtem Rindfleisch, und zwar, wie es sich gehört: in der Rindsuppe, mit Apfelkren, Rösterdäpfeln und Schnittlauchsauce. Tgl. | Wollzeile 38 | Tel.5121577 | www.plachutta.at | U 3 Stubentor

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not sure whether this helps, i was there a few weeks ago and the following were acceptable:

gasthaus poschl (asparagus soup, schnitzel)

skopik & lohn (snails, pike perch)

breakfast at cafe landtmann


I would really recommend a place called Espresso--best coffee I had in Vienna, and a good breakfast. It looked like they had an interesting lunch menu http://espresso-wien.at/ --it's on a stretch of Berggasse probably past its prime hipness.

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So the high end was revolting but it was Spargel season and so the more modest establishments were quite good.

We went to the sister restaurant of Plachutta which Behemoth recommended, and which got other recommendations,

this is Plachutta Gasthaus next to the Staatsoper.

Also a fairly basic Italian next to Cafe Landtmann called Cantinetta am Ring which was solid.


Other than that a culinary washout, but the opera was very solid (La Traviata) and I love the Kunsthistoriches museum which is as good a place to look at great old paintings as anywhere in the world.

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Any recent recommendations for Vienna? I am going in a few weeks; got time for a nice meal at some point,



have not been around recently but if not too late, this piece is based on our trip in May 2012: http://www.winemag.com/Web-2012/Destination-Vienna/


a bite at Urbanek in the market is a must - terrific charcuterie and cheeses plus some great older GV and Rieslings to be had - just give them some parameters and ask what they have - they have a bunch of great bottles stashed away and will pour many of then BTG.


Plachutta (mini-chain with we few locations) has a spot-on schnitzel and some older vintages too in the sea of the youngest wines possible that everyone in Austria wants to drink


For a more upscale dining experience and the best cellar in the country head to Palais Coburg.


Pub Klemo is another great wine destination - all the sommeliers there love it but it was closed when we went, they roll up the carpet early there



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