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Which place should I choose?

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I hate to sound CH-ish, but:


I will be at the WCR conference in Pasadena in early November. There is a dine-around on a Saturday night, in which a smallish group goes to a local restaurant. The possibilities are in three price groups, and I have to choose one restaurant. Please advise. :blush:








Tar Pit





Church and State Bistro


Red White & Bluezz Wine Bar




POP Champagne & Dessert Bar


Thanks for your help.

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It's okay. :) I picked Red White & Bluezz Wine Bar, not because I expect a gourmet tap-dance, but because it looks like fun even if the group turns out not to be interesting, although that is rarely the case. Also because the last time I went to a jazz club with these folks (Jazz Factory in Louisville), I heard a performer (René Marie) I loved so much I've been following her ever since. And as I recall, LA has a decent jazz scene, so local talent should be worth hearing.

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Guest Aaron T

Arg. I haven't been on lately and so just saw this. Have never heard of that jazz bar, but that doesn;t mean anything as I have never been to a jazz bar in LA. I really like AOC on that list.

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That's okay, too. I know which of the ones I've heard of are supposed to be good. I was just wondering about the others. :)


Hey Susanne,

Just so you know...


Ciudad is now Border Grill - they changed over about 2 weeks ago

Grace is closed - Neal is trying to open a place downtown at St. Vibiana's

The rest are ok, but I would recommend Hatfield's out of the bunch.

Or come downtown to the Nickel. No booze tho :(




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