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I tried to make guisado de salchichas like you'd find in tacos de guisados places in Mexico City. Wasn't quite right, though. I've had the dish several times in Mexico City (and had it once in Morelia). It always seems to have a light, bright tomato sauce along with a good amount of spice and onions. Makes sense. The hot dogs are sweet and garlicky. They need that bright, spicy sauce to balance them. However, the sauce I made, which was basically just pureed roasted tomatoes with a little onion, garlic, and serranos, wasn't it. It was too sweet and red, even though I just heated it through. The sauces in Mexico are usually orange more than red. Not sure the difference. Maybe fresh tomatoes rather than roasted tomatoes? Something cutting the tomatoes that would make it orange as well? An acid? Just not sure.


Can't find ANY recipes, of course. Too low-brow, I think. Any help would be appreciated.

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