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How Pop Music Stopped

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Torturing myself with the MTV VMAs. Maybe I don’t get it because I am an old fart and the kids obviously love it.

Fergie (47)

Snoop (50)

Nicki Minaj (39)

LL Cool J (54)

Eminem (49)

It’s inconceivable that when I was in my teens and twenties I’d be watching something like this. God knows why I am watching it now.

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I thought we had a thread on this, but perhaps I expressed my view that pop music came to a standstill a few years ago in the middle of a longer thread.   Anyway, further anecdotal evidence. I was

there is no past and present any more.

Fair enough. I thought it was more recent. It sounds like it could have been released last week, which tends to support the point.

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I like Mark Fisher, but not enough to read K-punk. This piece in his memory made me think of this thread: https://areomagazine.com/2023/01/18/the-great-reboot-in-memoriam-mark-fisher/. Has "global techno-capitalism" been mentioned in this thread yet? There are quite a lot of pages here.

Fisher's hope for VR and the metaverse seems so quaint as to no longer even be charming.

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Thank you for this. I was aware of Fisher but hadn't read him (the 1200 page K-Punk anthology is inimidating*). But I am sympathetic to many of the views attributed to him in that article.

I almost bailed because nobody who knows Guattari's work first-hand would refer to him as Pierre-Felix rather than Felix. That reveals a use of Wikipedia.

*ETA: To my surprise, there's a copy in my library. Maybe I'll dip in.

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