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She's gonna be grand marshal of the Rose Parade. Maybe Lipitor can sponsor her float.

I have no problem with the Bourdain commentary. He may smoke and imbibe but has not built a culinary empire on those premises.   Every show I've seen of Deen's revolves on some way of "Paula-fying"

what are some things you understand?

Right. If my Mom went on TV with her dread Gefilte Fish-horseradish-sour cream-lemon jello mold, would that really be Ashkenazi Jewish cooking?

Wow. She really is evil. In her evil desire to get on tv and stay there, she slandered the great tradition of Southern Cooking by falsely and fraudulently presenting her vile fare under that hallowed banner. Southern Cooking! You and your glorious traditions of healthfulness are absolved of all sins! Paula Deen! Your treachery stands alone! J'Accuse!


That's right, Stone. It's not Southern Cooking by Southern People. It's Stupid Junk Cooking by Stupid Junk People.


And yes, I hold the fact that Stupid Junk People are Stupid Junk People against them (even if they gave me birth). And I reserve my right to make that judgment.


And, of course, for the millionth time: I AM NOT CRITICIZING HER FOOD. I AM CRITICIZING THE FRAUD SHE PERPETRATED, AND IS CONTINUING TO PERPETRATE, ON HER AUDIENCE. Unless Danny Meyer or his children have some undisclosed diseases, I don't see the comparison.


You seem to be saying that if you're an upper-middle-class liberal you can have no standards whatsoever, because if you do have standards you're being smug or condescending or prejudiced. Bullshit. Paula Deen is scum, or at least has acted like it. I don't care where she's from. (Anyway, I grew up fairly poor and come from a bad food tradition. What's to stop me from criticizing her?)

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1. Distinguishing what Deen does from actual Southern cooking is important for the new civil war some people here are trying to incite. I would have no more or less sympathy for someone from Boston making disgusting iterations of New England seafood dishes and calling it authentic New England cuisine.


But it does define her as a hack and that is relevant to the conversation.

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I've never watched Paula Deen on the teevee, so I don't have an opinion on that. I have, however, eaten at the Lady and Sons a few times. It's definitely southern food, and pretty good southern food, at that. I certainly wouldn't call it "stupid junk cooking."


Of course Stone right that much of the reaction to her in foodiedom is driven by class and gender; but there you go.

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The Danish have no hope - what chance does the country that produces Redzepi's twee tweezer food have against the inventors of flipper pie?


I have no idea what Deen serves at her restaurant, but the krispy kream doughnut bears no resemblance to the southern food I know. Class and gender have nothing to do with it. Whatever is driving the reaction in foodiedom, I don't think that anybody here is basing his opinion on her class or gender.

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For what it's worth, here's the buffet menu at the restaurant:


The Lady's Southern Buffet $15.99

Includes salad bar and one complimentary dessert.

Some items subject to change.

All you care to eat - children 9 and under $8.00

Buffet Items:

Southern Fried Chicken

Pork Stew




Creamed Potatoes

Mac and Cheese


Collard Greens

Lima Beans

Green Beans

Black Eyed Peas

Salad Bar

Your Choice of Dessert:

Banana puddin'

Peach cobbler

Gooey butter cakes

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I feel sorry for her. She seems very stupid. it's not the end of the world but she represents a frustrating part of our society that thinks just taking expensive drugs is the answer. You can still eat butter and carbs and sugar to your heart's content. You can still give rich people tax breaks that seem unfair and we'll get it back in the end because they are "job creators". You can use all the energy you want because there are no consequences to using fossil fuels. She didn't do anything so wild but she represents something that stinks.


Can you be a bit more clear about the part of society you're talking about? laugh.gif

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she's from georgia

Oh. Then I'm wrong.



She's totally not TX. That schtick is way too deep south (non-Atlanta Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama). Ree Drummond is much closer to the TX schtick (though she's actually in Oklahoma and probably a better cook than Deen).

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well, NY'ers are a bit lucky when it comes to their diet. If you compare the diet of your typical Manhattan/Brooklynite to the diet in TX, LA or the deep south (and I'm not talking about the Deen caricature...though it's not that far off from deep south food)....southern restaurant food may be a bit worse but people don't eat out anywhere near as much, they're all really really bad. the fundamental difference is that everyone in NY burns an extra 400-600 calories a day just walking. that's a massive exercise difference over the South (where no one walks 2 blocks). throw in that Manhattan probably has more gyms per capita than any other city in the U.S., plus running clubs etc....the diet's just as bad...it's the exercise that's the difference. the gyms and running clubs may be cultural, but the every day walking is an accident of density.

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How many hours a day do you need to walk to burn 600 calories?



Anytime you cover a mile on foot you burn roughly 100 calories. (obviously this varies based on individual weight, body chemistry and so forth, but it's roughly accurate. the speed at which you cover the distance isn't really that important...if you cover the mile in 4 minutes your intensity level is much higher but the period of exercise is only 4 minutes, while if it takes 20 minutes the intensity level i much lower but the length of exercise is 5 times as long). now if you throw in covering those long stairs at 59th street or living in a walkup etc....and you can burn even more. in Manhattan, 20 north-south blocks is exactly 1 mile (except for the obvious exceptions of the WV and so forth)

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How many hours a day do you need to walk to burn 600 calories?


Don't know about the calories, but a mile a day each way at a vigorous pace (Fifth Avenue and 49th Street to Penn Station, for example) is excellent exercise. It's about the same distance down to 26th street and Fifth Avenue. Add another mile if you are heading to Babbo, etc.

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