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It was my first time there but, they have had to have gone down hill or never made it up the hill, or perhaps there was soil erosion.

Just wanted to share some pictures from lunch. These were taken with film, so nevermind the slightly weird colors/quality.


Great laab salad - I would disagree that it's the spiciest thing on the menu as the jungle curry sent my stomach and mouth on fire.



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Please tell me that isn't cauliflower in the jungle curry. Even if it's fancy schmancy cauliflower, it does not belong in any Thai curry, even if it's supposed to be fusion-y curry. And what are those white half-moon shaped things in the jungle curry?


The roti looks nice and flaky, though!

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Jungle: Bamboo Shoots

with pickled green peppercorns, romanesco cauliflower, bitter melon & wood ear mushrooms


ETA: When I went there was no Jungle Curry - servers were the ones telling everyone the laab was the spiciest thing on the planet. Guess they felt the need to go higher!

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Half-moon shaped things are a bit of a mystery. I had asked the server what was in the curry and she just reiterated what was on the menu. The half-moon shaped things aren't in that list though. I thought the texture was almost like very well cooked pineapple or something.


ETA: oops, I guess they are bamboo shoots... didn't really taste like it though.

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I doubt I will return, although the food was OK and it's reasonable ($250 for three with tax and tip, including a $45 bottle of wine, a cocktail and three glasses of wine). But. The service was wretched. And Kin Shop has, with the exception of a flourescent-flooded fast food joint, absolutely the worst lighting ever, anywhere. Not too dark nor too bright but as one of my companions remarked, 'too yellow or something'. Whatever the 'something', it was color-leaching, headache-inducing and ugly-making. And while whingeing about uncomfortableness, I'd throw in that the two tables shoved together to make our three-top differed in height by at least an inch, and the hook on the back of the (freezing cold) bathroom door was broken.


We were limited a bit in our ordering after receiving the news that the fish sauce, which was in every dish save four on the menu, contained shellfish which one member of the party is allergic to (she tells me most fish sauce does not contain shellfish). So she ordered three of those four dishes: the tomato garam masala soup (not bad but reeked of fenugreek so unbalanced), the noodles with maitake mushroom (OK but a bit bland), cucumber relish (very nice) and roti (greasy,very).


The duck laab which is still billed as the spiciest dish on the menu was not terribly spicy but it was good. The goat was beautifully cooked and not too fatty, and nicely seasoned although both of us did sprinkle it with some of the ground hot pepper placed on each table. The best thing we had was the pork belly (crisp and slightly spicy) and fried (well-executed ) oyster dish. A fluke concoction which was very much a seviche was well seasoned but over-marinated, making the fish too soft.


Our server was so inattentive and unattuned that trying to make eye contact or flag her down was nigh-impossible. When we wanted more of our wine which had been whisked away to an out of sight cooler we finally resorted to asking one of those guarding the door (we were near the front). And although when we finished the wine we were perhaps half way through the meal ordering the extra glasses took way too much effort.


Dessert did not tempt, the offerings consisted of a riff on a root beer float and various ice creams. We repaired to Highlands for whisky and some Turkish Delight one of us had recently picked up at the airport in Dubai.

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