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Don't you remember the craze on eGullet when folks learned about Kosher for Passover Coke? They do a special run with sugar for the holiday instead of HFCS. You need to look for the yellow bottle caps

Did they have to make the caps yellow?

costco carries mega-packs of mexican coke. or at least they used to. i stopped drinking coke on the regular a couple of years ago and haven't looked in a while.

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20 hours ago, small h said:

And is that normal? I don't buy soda at movie theaters, either. Or anything but the very occasional popcorn.

I don't either, but prices are always higher at the movies.  I usually try to sneak in my own snacks.

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It has now become a regular skirmish between my daughter and servers at the start of every restaurant meal: “Is it real Coke, not Mexican or organic?”

Thank god in little over a month she’ll be old enough to order from the wine list (please join me in feeling ancient).

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