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Salt Lake City?

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I'm not sure if this even fits in this category, but hey, there isn't a Utah Category...!


We'll be there in January, and having never been there, have no idea what to expect restaurant/entertainment wise...


Any ideas?


We'll be skiing during the days, but at night? Anything going on?

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I enjoy SLC. They've relaxed the bizarre rules on buying alcohol by the drink.


Bambara: A fairly innovative restaurant with modern American cuisine. I've had three good meals here.

Spencer's for Steaks & Chops: A real old school steakhouse. Nothing more than great steaks and traditional sides. if that is your thing I highly recommend it.

Metropolitan: Has more of a cocktail scene than the previous two. Very solid food.

Cucina Toscana: This is a high-end, authentic Italian restaurant run by the flamboyant owner. Prices are steep, but our one meal there was really good.

Red Iguana: think Frontera Grill knock-off. very good mexican.

Lamb's Grill: This place has some Greek influence, but is really more of a traditional old style restaurant. It reminds me of Tadich Grill in San Francisco but with emphasis on meat rather than seafood.

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The city itself is fine, but the real attraction is the nature all around it. The city is surrounded by mountains. Take a day an go up to Park City. It is too early to ski, but there are lots of other things to see and do.



We're actually going in January, there should be skiing then, no?


Park City is definitely on our list, as is Solitude - it all sounds so nice! We'll be renting a car, I'm hoping the roads are well cared for and we won't have issues getting up and down mountains in the snow?!

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There are rarely issues on the interstate up to Park City. Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons do shut down when it snows heavily, and they sometimes require 4WD after they're reopened. But, really it doesn't snow THAT often there--they tend to get huge dumps followed by many sunny days. They also get dry snow that plows up nicely.


I have to say, I found the dining scene in SLC dismal. I did a ton of research but it was hard to even find recommendations. However, on ski trips I rarely want to make the effort to go to nicer places--we tried ethnic places (big mistake) and other casual spots. Hopefully Ron Johnson's list will steer you in the right direction--report back! On future trips we will definitely stay up in Park City or at one of the lodges in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon--I just found the whole SL Valley so incredibly awful. But, it was a handy way to visit a lot of different resorts--from Snowbasin up north to Deer Valley to Alta.

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Wine Enthusiast magazine has favorable mentions of


Forage restaurant (370 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111) with its asparagus shoots from the banks of the Great Salt Lake.



green juniper and wild cress

carrot and sunflower seed

black walnut

green tomato and black currant leaf

fava bean and rye with blossoms and new garlic

smoked cherry

trout with new pine and peas





and The Copper Onion (111 E Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84111) with its inventive combinations of small plates. Chicken and local wild rice soup, black pepper mussels, lardo Iberico, sauteed lemon asparagus, etc.



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