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Christmas Stollen 2010

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How did your tradition develop? Also, how long does the bread last? It's not like a fruitcake I assume...


Merlin, Thanks!


The Thanksgiving period is slow for me, mainly because so little business is being done (by anyone). I don't enjoy just sitting in front of a TV and I get tired reading books or my eReader. Thus, I decided long ago to take on the challenge of making a good stollen. None of my stollens have been "bad", but it took me several renditions before I got it like I want it.


It is altogether about a 5 - 6 hour process so it definitely fills out my day (or at least one of my days).


The photo might be misleading. This stollen is 16 inches long, so it is large.


The stollen is more like a bread and not like a fruitcake at all (although I really like fruitcake also, especially from Corsicana).


The stollen freezes very well; thus, I freeze most of it to be used over the holidays, including Christmas morning. So, to answer your question, it will last indefinitely.

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Haven't you done smaller ones in cans in the past? Any plans for some of those this year? They mail well.


Suzanne, Actually, your question reminds me how my "tradition" of making stollens specifically started. Several years ago I went to an event at a local restaurant with a very talented chef. As an event favor, he gave everyone a small stollen which was fantastic.


I really wanted to make small stollens but I was unable to find a recipe I liked; thus, I have always made large stollens rather than small ones.


I might consider making small stollens if I had a recipe I like, but truthfully, my current stollen recipe fulfills all of my current objectives.


Sorry, no mail order capabilities!! (Whew!! The thought!!)

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If I have any, it will be bakery or store bought. Especially now that you tell me they are a lot of work.

TJ's is advertising them for about $6.00, ChefShop (missed the tasting on Saturday) for $18.50. Is it likely 3x as good? Bakery price, $14.00.

I like the marzipan center ones.

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