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Best restaurants in San Jose Del Cabo?

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Hi all,


Heading to San Jose Del Cabo this spring for a little sun and would love any suggestions for good restaurants to try. Definitely don't have to be fancy.


Thanks in advance!





2 questions and I can be more helpful. Where are tyou staying, San Jose, Cab San Lucas or on the corridor between? Will you have a car?


eta..This isn't as silly a question as it may sounds. Though both SJD and CSL shre the same intl airport, the area are about 20-25 miles apart. Bad idea to drive if you've been drinking (not uncommon in the region) or a $80 rt cab. I've spent many years in CSL and only 1 week in SJD..never the larger hotels on the corridor.


Many visitors use the names interchangeably and I don't want to give you a list of places in CSL when you'll be in SJD..:)

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Thanks for such a quick reply!


We'll be staying in San Jose Del Cabo, renting a house that is located on the first green of the Punta Sur Golf Course(formerly Grand Mayan Golf

Course)if that makes any sense! It's my understanding we'll be close enough to walk into town so not planning on renting a car.


Looking forward to any tips!



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Second Don Emiliano. Haven't been but I've only heard good things.


Unfortunately, I don't know the immediate area where you are very well...just spent the 1 week at the Grand Mayan. The hotel is across the street sort of at the corner of the triangle on the ocean and the first hole is a little N and inland. It's easy to know N from S. Look at the ocean and N is to the right. Depending on exactly where you are, you might be in some low foothills and have an ocean view. The golf course runs the length of the hotel zone. If you want to cook, there is a big market near you.


in town, we liked La Voile for high end and Casa Natalia. For lower end, there a truck that sells fresh seafood right in the center of town..also a nice place on a side street that I know the directions from Grand Mayan Hotel but not the golf course. You'd be coming from the opposite direction. Tacqueria Mexicana..also a few bakeries and fruit stands on that street.


San Jose Dining


El Michoacano has a branch in SJD..not sure how close to you. They serve 1 thing..pig, by the platter, taco, kilo or torta..and it's great.


If you do find yourseld in CSL there are 3 places I'd recommend. Gardenia's and Gordo Lele's for tacos and Mariscos Mazatlan. Marisco Mazatlan may have opened a branch in SJD.


I'm sure there are more midrange and un Americanized in SJD. I just don't khow the town like a do CSL. Best bet is probably just outside the hotel zone which doesn't have much but a lot of workers who need to eat. When we were there, 1 night was an Open Studio night and a lot of studios were open late. It was a great evening to wander, have a drink and app somewhere, stroll and stop at another spot. Downtown SJD has more charm than CSL and I think better high end. My blind spot is the midrange; but I'm sure it's there.





If you do make it to CSL, here's a few more. If I could only eat 1 dish, it would be the zarandeado, a whole red snapper, butterflied and grilled.


Carnitas, Birria, Fish in Baja, MX


Cabs are reasonable and so are buses if you need use of wheels. I'd rather ride a bus in SJD than Boston; more friendly drivers overall..:)The only time in 20 years I've rented a car was when I wanted to go to Todos Santos or East Cape.


Have fun!


We go down next week.

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We had a good pizza at La Dolce too. They've been in CSL for years but opened recently in SJD.


I've heard good things aout Baan Thai; but just couldn't bring myself to eat Thai in MX. We do spend 6-8 weeks every year si don't want MX food all the time, and probably have 10% of our meals in non MX..mostly Italian. We also cook at home a lot.

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