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Follow-up on JUan Williams firing at NPR

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National Public Radio's board has taken a number of steps with regard to the review of Juan Williams's termination from NPR.


--It has determined the firing was within the contract. Each party had the right to terminate the contract with 30 days notice, for any reason. That was done.


--It has accepted the resignation of Ellen Weiss, the head of NPR news, and an executive since 1982. Weiss made the statement about the matter being between Williams and his psychiatrist, and also supervised the firing process.


--It has docked the 2010 bonus for Vivian Schiller, who failed to exercise appropriate oversight on the process. Schiller will apparently remain as head of NPR.



NPR statement


Williams made a statement on Fox News, where he is now employed, that Weiss was representative of the old, insular, incestuous approach to news that NPR should be trying to reform. It sounds like there wasn't much love lost between these two folks.

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WNYC radio, to its considerable credit, notes that Mr Williams has written a book about his views. And, they let him speak about the book and his views. Many respondents to the blog item, not surprisingly, feel that any reference to him should be expunged.


I think WNYC deserves a lot of credit for a challenging and unflinching look at his views.


He said like Shirley Sherrod he was taken out of context, made to seem as though he was saying the opposite of what he said, and fired for it.


Part of a journalist’s job is to maintain credibility and access to all communities. Williams said people who wear “Muslim-garb” won’t be less inclined to speak with him now that they know he has certain fears directed towards them.


I don’t think I’m biased. I was revealing my feelings, and I thinking the aftermath of 9/11 I think I would have to be somewhat brain-dead not to have an awareness of what’s going on.


He said that discussion is necessary in order to keep good ideas to the forefront.


A return engagement?

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"Little Richard" ... Very Little Richard



This is amazing to see. It's Richard Wayne Penniman (aka Little Richard) about fifteen years before "Tutti Frutti, Oh, Rudy...."

If you're familiar with early period Beatles, you'll know that McCartney was heavily influenced by Little Richard.


A-whop bop-a-lu bop a-whop bam boom.


Here is some very rare footage of "Little Richard" as a child, when he was just starting out in the music biz' ... from a movie with Van Johnson ... Enjoy!



wtf? the child in the film is named frankie 'sugar chile' robinson. the thread is about juan williams who is a different black person from little richard and frank robinson. there is not just one black man on the planet who is using multiple names.

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