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[Belmar] JerseyShore BBQ

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Peter Genovese visits the bbq place, and likes what he finds. One comment to the article calls him an idiot for not providing detail on the cut of pork used, the wood, etc.


I found the article to be perfectly informative for 95% of the population, but there probably are a few people who need more detail than the article offered. I'm a little surprised that the commenter doesn't already know that stuff, and didn't take the opportunity to show off that information.


PG gets around, and eats a lot of bbq. I think I'd trust his general comments on a place. He's been right enough times in the past to make that a decent bet.



Jersey Shore

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We went to Jersey Shore BBQ just after if opened in May. We had a platter of four meats -- pulled pork, pork ribs, baby backs, and brisket -- all of which were delicious. The onion rings and sweet potato fries were excellent, the mac 'n' cheese was fine, but the regular fries needed work, i.e., limp. We tried a piece of key lime pie. Good crust but the interior was too dense and was lacking in lime flavor. We didn't get a chance to return last year, but we'll rectify that this year once the weather warms up.


Jersey Shore BBQ

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