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Toronto, at the moment

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So Isabel is still fun and good and worth a visit. Book it. 

Dreyfus is usually quite good - I’ve had some excellent meals there - and if it’s that plus Isabel you’ve don’t just fine  But it’s very much that kind of food so you have to want that.

A walk in at Quetzal is quite possible if you don’t mind bar-ish seating, especially late.  Sunny’s usually has availability very early.  I haven’t been yet but people talk highly about Henry’s, which is a new restaurant/wine bar run by one of our better wine agencies. 

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Before I begin this long post, I wanted to mention that Joe Beef in Montreal is serving a foie gras double down. It is two pieces of deep fried foie, bacon, maple syrup smoked cheddar, duck skin schm


Finally made it to Cocktail Bar - Toronto's first Serious Cocktail Bar - from the Black Hoof crew the other night. In general, good but somewhat disappointing. It shows how far this city has to go bef

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