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NY as a sports town

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well I can see the IQ level has really dropped here.


you can't have a bunch of "primary" anythings. then they wouldn't be "primary"....use English much?


that's why in NY there are no primary cultures...just an almost infinite number of "secondary" ones.


I've said this over and over again...(as has Wilfrid)....but you're clearly just going to keep reading what you want to read instead...much easier to argue with a strawman.

considering I'm saying the same thing on page 8 of this thread that I said on page 2 I fail to see the "backpedaling"


Nathan, I'm sure you are a lovely person. And if we were to ever meet and share a drink or a meal I would enjoy the time we spend together. But really, insults? Because we've called you on your flip-flopping? Just man up already and admit that you've revised and messaged your position to the extent that we're all getting whiplash.

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To my great surprise, they played the Super Bowl last night on a great big screen at Le Comptoir in Williamsburg.


It was no surprise at all that they weren't playing the Super Bowl in the Dram cocktail bar in Williamsburg. OTOH, there weren't any customers there.

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Ha, now I wouldn't have said Le Comptoir was a sports bar.


They had a huge screen devoted to it inside Patate Fellow on Clinton too. Nobody there.

This isn't New York, but when I went to pick up pizzas from Caffe Capri (not a sports bar) over in the next town, the game was on 2 wide-screen sets. The place was full of a several extended Italian families finishing off their wine & enjoying some aperitifs after dinner. The men were all focused on the game, the women were all huddled at one table ignoring it & keeping an occasional eye on their kids, clearly hopped up on gelato & running around the place. Just another night in Jersey.

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