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Best Burgers in the U.S.

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While I know this isn't some national board, I thought I'd post this as an FYI . . . also because a couple of NY spots made the list (yes, The Shake Shack, LOL, as well as one of our own . . . yes, one of NJ's finest, made the list of the best burgers in the United States. LOL.


No, I am not going to tell you. You have to go through the slideshow.

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I don't understand why Louis' Lunch keeps turning up on these lists. The "burger" is just godawful, with surly service to boot. A Rube Goldberg preparation method does not a quality burger make. The Doodle was head and shoulders above that dry meat on toast joint, but sadly it's now departed.


ETA: same for Ted's, the most rubbery burger I've ever had the displeasure to try. White Manna and Miller's Bar totally rock, though.

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First video of the NJ Monthly Great Burger contest has been released.




More info here:




Having been to Christophers a few times in the past, I've never seen that burger on the menu (and don't see it now)! Were all of the 'competition' burgers, burgers that restaurants normally serve on their menu or was this just a 'who can cook the best burger at the moment' type thing?

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I was told that the burger from Christopher's WAS going to be put on the menu. I'll see what I can find out.


Perhaps the site just isn't updated. I haven't been there in person in a month or so at least.

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