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La Petite Maison

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In a reply to her interview with Alain Allegretti, the chef of the recently-opened La Petite Makison, I submitted the following to her:



Being a part-time resident of Nice, I have dined at La Petite Maison many times. The food used to be quite good; in the past couple of years it has declined as the owners have become mercenary. Licensing the name and trying to convince people in New York that somehow they are communing with the Nice namesake is absurd. (If the Pacri/Villa Pacri owners are looking for one authentic aspect of the Nice outpost to import faithfully, they can treat the non-celebrities and non-regulars with disdain ). In terms of the variety, quality and availability of the produce in Nice compared to here, let alone the unique ambiance and the sense of conviviality that permeates the always-full original, who’s kidding whom?


Not much to my surprise, Restaurant Girl didn’t post my comment. Authenticity in food, ambiance and design doesn’t travel. Thinking you can hoodwink people by leading them to believe the owners can capture anything about La Petite Maison in Nice ( so-so cuisine, but a real Nice institution for its other aspects, both tangible and intangible) shows how dishonest the restaurant business can be and how often these food bloggers are often nothing more than shills (even unpaid ones) or PR hacks for the restaurant trade.

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I was eating at a very high profile southern French-ish restaurant the other day, thinking how great the food was at Allegretti when it first opened.


Gosh, can't imagine what restaurant THAT was.


Note to irnscrabblechf52: How could The Times possibly NOT review this place? A newly opened New York branch of a famous restaurant in Nice? It's newsworthy, even if it sounds unsurprisingly horrible.


Are you going to ask why they review Transformers 4 when it opens?

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