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Blood Oranges

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Late to the party as usual....but while in the Palm Springs area last month, I got some great blood oranges at the farmers market in La Quinta. Made a blood orange beurre blanc one night to go with sword fish. When we had dinner at Morgan's at the La Quinta Resort, the oysters were served with a blood orange mignonette and tiny sections.

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I was in Palm Springs last week and bought a bag of blood oranges at the same farmers market that tighe mentions. I went to a dinner party/potluck the night after we got home and I knew I wouldn't have time to shop and cook and I know we don't have good blood oranges in our grocery stores yet. I did a salad with butter lettuce, olive oil poached shrimp and the blood oranges with a simple vinaigrette that turned out really well. I ate some of them on my yogurt for breakfast and the rest will be used to juice for cocktails. I'm guessing buying them from the farm, picked when they are fully ripe, makes a difference in sweetness.

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Every winter I buy blood oranges once or twice because I love how they look. The blush on the rind, the color of the pulp. But it seems like they never taste that good. They aren't as sweet as many other oranges, in my experience, but that's not really the problem. Often they just aren't very juicy. I seem to get rather dry, wrinkly pulp fairly frequently.


Is this an inherent issue with blood oranges or is it just that the ones we get in NYC aren't terribly good? Or have I just been unlucky?


They have to be really fresh -- they don't keep as well as regular oranges.

When they are fresh they are really superb -- there are some varieties from Sicily, which when you get them in season in Italy are just great.


Tarocco, I just recalled is the magic name.

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