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[Kilkenny] Campagne, a restaurant

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I followed several links, and came across what sounds like a lovely restaurant in Kilkenny, north of Waterford.


The chef owner was a top ranked chef in Dublin (Chapter One) and left to start his own place in his hometown. Knows the local purveyors and farmers, another good sign. Definitely sounds like a place to consider on our next trip.


Georgina Campbell restaurant of the year 2010


Food and wine awards 2009, best leinster chef and best leinster restaurant


Campagne scored a culinary hat trick by also being listed in the elite Bridgestone guide book’s Top 10 Places with Great Service, whilst chef/proprietor Garrett Byrne was also placed in the guide’s Top 10 Hot Chefs to Watch.


Describing Campagne as “the most successful opening of the year”, John McKenna said of the restaurant: “Never mind the new Dublin places that opened in 2008: the big success story of the year has been Garrett Byrne returning to his native city to open Campagne. We all knew Mr. Byrne would cook wonderful food, which he was doing as head chef in Chapter One for several years, but what took everyone by surprise is how he managed to get everything – food, service, style, ambience, pricing, wine list – present and correct from the start.”


This nod by the Bridgestone Guide is the latest in a number of plaudits for Campagne since it opened last September. Irish Times restaurant critic Tom Doorley listed Campagne in his best restaurants of 2008, stating “Campagne is outstanding… giving good old Kilkenny a restaurant of the calibre that a fine city like this should”.


Food critic Paolo Tullio wrote in the Irish Independent that Campagne “has seriously raised the bar for dining in Kilkenny”.



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