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Nobu has tables, and the lunch menu is reasonable.


good call. although we never talk about Nobu, imo it's quite impressive the quality standard they've been able to keep up across far-flung restaurants for this long.


obviously if you could go a bit further north the number of options increases drastically.

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This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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Had a totally odious meal at Nobu in the fall. They seemed to mistake me for a conventioneer from Kansas who required a firm hand on the reins.


Maybe I shouldn't have worn that funny hat.


But I am in zero hurry to return, and they are just a few blocks away.

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haven't been to Nobu in years since a leisurely friday lunch where the waiter actually asked the table "so, ladies, how are we going to get wasted today" or something to that effect. i was the last one to arrive so there may have been some interaction at the table earlier that i was unaware of and knowing one of the other guests, i wouldn't dismiss the possibility. or perhaps one of the other guests used to work there because i remember a chef coming to the table at the end. but i almost fell out of my chair and have no idea what the meal was like :lol:


i'm sure it was a specific, isolated instance but i can't help thinking about it every time i hear of Nobu.

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here's a good one: I need an excellent breakfast, midtown west.

Is this a business thing? Because if it is, you're in hotel land with lots of choices. If you are looking for good food that's another story entirely.

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