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Holy cow. I presume they have a Vegas branch then.


I always thought that octopus pastrami looked a bit too Lovecraftian for my digestion.



Vegas, Atlantic City, Boca, Miami, Hamptons, Poconos... 


The octopus was decent, even if it was basically a repackaged dish from WD-50. It reminded me more of a marble tabletop than Cthulhu, personally. 

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

This is awesome.

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Edited: the competition nextdoor would be Frenchette? Their niches are a bit different though. [i've been trying to book Frenchette, but nothing comes up on Resy.]



Yeah, Frenchette. Which is too noisy to be considered "posh" I think. 


I'd say the niches are similar, at least as far as the food menus go - chef-driven, occasionally vaguely creative spins on classics. Similar price points. The vibe is different though. Based on my last Bâtard experience it didn't appear anyone under the age of thirty was going there anymore, unless their parents were taking them out. It was kind of like going back to the final year of Montrachet. 


It was relatively full, but I made a joke on leaving that it might be time to shut it down and re-open as Puligny or Chassagne or something. 

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From a distance it looks like a terrine made exclusively of the big fatty bits from an old-school chunky pâté.  :(  Though I do rather enjoy the latter [like Wilfrid, I foundthe one Liebrandt made for Chefs Club made me nostalgic for traditional pastry-clad terrines].


Perhaps this should go under 'places I'm curious about', but is the Columbus Circle Noodle Bar far superior to the original E Village location?

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Perhaps this should go under 'places I'm curious about', but is the Columbus Circle Noodle Bar far superior to the original E Village location?


Haven't been yet, but from what I gather it's mostly the same with a few dishes unique to each location. I assume it being summer all the truffle specials are gone for the time being. I suppose there's worse places to grab lunch if you happen to be in that part of town. 

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I don't think I care for Uptown people though. Or maybe my set more accurately are Uptown people who wish they were Downtown? [i seem to recall your slandering the current young people in the West Village as that sort.]


Edited: my set of course are actually skaters and surfers from the Jersey Shore. A friend of mine brought his deck with us into Momofuku Ssäm Bar last night, and the hostess very firmly requested to check it in.

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Jah, La Mercerie feels more a café.


Il Mulino moved from the Village to Tribeca?


I think I'd rather put a pistol to my head than go to Nobu. :cool: I don't think I could go back to Bâtard after being served frozen foie gras there, heh. I for one wish Liebrandt was still cooking in that location.


Edited: OK, I do admit it's interesting Bâtard has a quail pithivier on their menu right now.


I wish Le Coucou served the late [and lamented by me at least] Chevalier's cuisine. That would be pretty close to my ideal Downtown restaurant.


Edited the edited: oh man, soufflé with strawberry compote. Will I have to give Bâtard another chance?



Mulino didn't close their Downtown place, just added a Tribeca location. (There's also "Il Mulino Prime" in SoHo, and 8,000 or so other locations strewn about the country.)

Il Mulino Gramercy recently opened in the old Veritas space (across from Gramercy Tavern).

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What about Pastis 2.0?


Has anyone tried it yet? Cuozzo was thrilled to see it return, but his assessment of the food was: 'The dishes I tried from chef Michael Abt held their own against those of Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson'. I guess that's good.


No dinner tables on Resy. I feel fairly confident we could probably walk in, but this is a birthday dinner, so I'd like to be somewhat more certain.


Bâtard has plenty of tables. LOL.

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