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Micromanage My Life

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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Need to a place in Midtown (east or west) to go for a glass of wine with an older Oenophile Australian whose cultural tastes would blend in extremely well with the crowd here, but is perhaps a bit more conservative, perhaps even a bit patrician.


Struggling. Don't think I can get him downtown. What am I not thinking of.

The bar at Patroon might fit his tastes. 21 Club?
Or Sparks.


ETA: in rich's recurring nightmare, he goes to Bern's and it's become Sparks.


That would be more than a nightmare - it would be psychotic depression. :ph43r:

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For Pete's sake, if the hedge fund and private equity bros don't manage to dress properly, who can? What is the point of selling your soul to neoliberalism if you won't get your suits bespoke?

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When Michael wears a jacket, he always wears a tie.

...no ties but always a vest with my jacket - more comfortable than a tie.


Still believe ties were invented by a woman who was getting even with men for the manner in which she was mistreated - can't blame her.

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