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25 minutes ago, AaronS said:

where can I buy smoked eel? I called fjord and mermaid’s garden.

japan village has frozen eel. is that my best bet?

I don't know if you want to come into Manhattan...I'm pretty sure I've seen it at both the Nordic place and Ni Japanese in Essex Market.  I'm going over there this afternoon; I'll check for you.

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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On 2/15/2021 at 7:28 PM, Wilfrid said:

I am looking down the barrel of a forty year old Vina Bosconia Cosecha for my birthday next month. I would love to get ideas for food pairings, or  I could just drink it with a grilled cheese if you all hate me.

I took some of the suggestions...

Lamb breast, poached in goat stock, cooled, de-boned, and thrown on the grill. Rancho flageolets with that. Followed by Idiazábal and Stichelton. The wine was predictably enjoyable; tannins has gone, leaving a silky texture, a lot of fruit on the nose, but all the secondary flavors on the finish.

I see I have a white Vina Tondonia Reserva 1989 to look forward to.

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Having sadly misremembered about the reservation I thought I'd made at Ernesto's for a rare dinner outing to celebrate a milestone with my wife, I'm now left without a plan for this Saturday night.

So hit me with your ideas for places that are special enough (at whatever price point, high or low) but reasonable to expect to walk in for an early evening. Anyone, anyone...?

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In the current situation of limited supply and exploding demand, I don’t think you can expect to walk into ANYWHERE good (except maybe Wu’s Won Ton:  there’s an idea) on a Saturday night.   I’d get on Resy NOW to troll for a place and keep trying throughout the week. 

The good news is that, even if you can’t find anything great right now, there seem to be a lot of last-minute cancellations these days, so something quite desirable is fairly likely to pop up toward the end of the week if there isn’t anything that good beforehand.  

I’d try to book at least a back-up soon, though. 

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