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Micromanage My Life

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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Follow up -- yes, we stuck with the plan of Adda and Dutch Kills as a mini LIC adventure. Adda was extremely good (for what it is -- I mean, part of me was really jonesing for a white tablecloth night out, but one takes what one gets). Dutch Kills rundown in the Cocktail Recipes Tonight thread.

Amusingly/annoyingly, as we were finishing up our dinner at Adda, got a notification from Resy that Manresa at Intersect had an opening at 9:30. Thanks for that, Resy! (I rightly assumed it'd extend beyond it's original calendar. But really, thanks for the timing on that notification!)

Thanks for the guidance and affirmation and playing along!

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