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That place (Niche) was dedicated to mazemen but also had tsukemen on the menu. The two are slightly different; mazemen is the noodles mixed with a bunch of stuff (not including broth), while tsukemen is noodles served with broth for dipping the noodles.   Tsukemen was always on the menu of Niche, I believe.

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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3 minutes ago, small h said:

Dunno why you guys are referring to Niche in the past tense. I'm almost positive it's still open.

For some reason, I thought he combined both into one place. I have to walk by and check it out.

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On 3/9/2023 at 3:47 PM, Sneakeater said:

Jeju is pretty new, and it's good.

It is pretty new ... as long as opening about six years ago is pretty new 😃

The famous, fabulous, frisky and simply unforgettable Kimchi Princess went there 5 years ago ... she did say that it was pretty good ... and noted for the record that it has nothing to do with the actual food of Jeju ... which is a beautiful Korean island well-known for Korean honeymooners and a major vacation destination with its own distinct (spin on) dishes / cuisine

So it may be good but it's fully booked every single day that reservations are offered ie for the next month

So like how good is that ? How useful is that going to be for most folks ?

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Yeah, but it's like everything on the other side of the place marker is like the same time to me.

Look at Jeju.  It opened 6 years ago, apparently.  But 2-1/2 or 3 of those 6 years didn't really happen; they were limbo time.  So 3 years before limbo time set in actually is kind of recent.

And then once I think back past the limbo time, I can remember with particularity whether a certain restaurant opened in 2017 or 2019?  REALLY?

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I am working on my limbo time post. One of the things I already included is the weirdness of thinking about a restaurant you went to frequently -- and realizing you haven't been there since 2017 or 2018.

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