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Is Fedora really that weak? Have not been yet.

I didn't find it weak, but if you're looking for another Au Pied de Cochon, or even another M. Wells, you would be disappointed. It's another one of those "good for what it is, provided your sights aren't set too high" kind of places.

It's better than Joseph Leonard (damning with faint praise I know).

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So next Tuesday I'm taking some Gullible Young Woman to see Karol Armitage at the Joyce.   For dinner after, I'm thinking of two places: Aldea and La Luncheonette.   Aldea, obviously, is one of t

This is awesome.

If you need to put on music for the right mood, .

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a vote for Vandaag - they'll seat you for lunch for sure at 4, and maybe even at 4:30, and have a whole bunch of not-really-overlapping-w/dinner, interesting (and imo, actively good*) open faced sandwiches (and fwiw, the bread has improved _a lot_ overall - we also got the bread basket). If you time it right, you can have a leisurely nibble, some drinks perhaps, and then segue into the dinner menu (if the lunch menu is insuff. interesting on its own from your standpoint, or the lunch expy causes you to launch enthusiastically into dinner options once more.)


*-From the (no doubt horribly outdated, if some Murphy's-related Law holds) online lunch sandwich selection - enjoyed the snail, grilled bacon, and pork rib. Snail more than the other two. (was dining w/someone well known to the house, tho)




danish open-faced sandwiches

  • mushroom and hazelnut terrine - WATERCRESS, RANCH DRESSING 10
  • MUSTARD Greens - genever, cream, HORSERADISH, gouda 9
  • snail smørrebrød - hazlenuts, meyer lemon, red dandilion 13
  • grilled bacon - PEAR, HERBED HONEY MUSTARD 12
  • vandaag "ham" burger - dutch blend patty, gouda, charred onion 15
  • pork rib - cherry, almond, ras el hanout 14

Also shared some of the apps, only one of which hit the "didn't work" category that ppl have been discussing.* However, I think the hi + hit rate is in large part due to

a)ppl have discussed what works

b)lunch is edited

...and i might be more cautious re dinner, which I still haven't tried yet.


not going into too much detail here, as it prob shld eventually get fleshed out better in the Vandaag thread/others have already commented on certain items, but also had the pickled sausage, pickled oyster, bitterballen, hete bliksem 'hot lightning.' (I like candied meat, what can I say)...


*-romaine - sausage crumble, herring vinaigrette - but otoh, that was what my friend actually went out of his way to order/seemed to like previously, so who knows...


ETA: by " they'll seat you for lunch for sure at 4, and maybe even at 4:30," I mean that you can book via opentable for 4pm on a random weekday; and seem open to not asking for a lunchtime "last call" for food - ymmv.


Wilfrid, not sure how appealing the lingering-across-limbo time + dinner at ~5:30 sounds...even if done on a Saturday...

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This will be dinner rather than the lunch, but there's no problem being seated for dinner either.


ah well - I was hoping to get you to check out their lunch sandwiches, but I guess that's a harder sell?

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Just being a bit lazy here as I haven't looked properly myself yet.


Is there any obvious, moderately interesting, new-ish restaurant in the West 20s? Any style, just somewhere I probably haven't been yet?



It's not open yet but Romera New York should be on your radar.

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There's a new Spanish place called Salinas on Ninth in the high teens. Chef who was at Meigas (long gone, it was on Hudson in the space now occupied by Jacques Torres), which was very good. It's very pretty and next door to that newish gin bar that has the hidden entrance at the back of a coffee place.

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