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It's walnut, with Zissner amber shellac. Maybe I'll be able to get better pictures in the daylight to show the grain figure, which I quite like.


This had a lot of firsts for me. Previously, almost all of my projects were tables, dressers, and bookcases that had pretty much the same formate of rails, stiles, mortises, tenons, panels, etc. This was my first octogon (easily cut with an Incra miter jig and band clamped*). My first shop-made moulding. Less easy, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out (although I couldn't get a decent photo showing the profile clearly):




And the miters aren't very tight. And, there's a glue line. And I didn't sand the moulding very well. But . . . I didn't hurt myself making it.


Thanks for looking.


*This one time, at band clamp.

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I'm seriously impressed with your woodworking. My grandfather made/repaired clocks as a hobby, but I'm not sure if it was only the innards or if he did the exterior as well. No one who would know is still alive.

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It's cool, dude. Would be nice to see a before shot tho. How are we supposed to gauge your work? :P


Other than what I’ve seen on Antique Road Show I’ve little exposure to these things. Is it an antique? Normal that the label obstructs the view of the Pendulum?

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Holdup, you made that whole thing? The frame? The clock you bought? Amazing either way. I can’t believe you don’t have a studio on a shaded Williamsburg side street.

Of course I made it. You think I'd post about buying a clock? All the wood I made. The workings I bought.

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