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Who's been?

I think balex (based on his experience) and Orik (based on close reading of reviews) got this place exactly right. Plenty of potential, often realized. Usually skirts blandness and austerity for its

Its funny reading this thread and the guardian review after having eaten there I was actually surprised it wasn't more austere in its preparations.

I have had two sensational meals here recently. I think he is currently serving the best food in London. But I haven't bothered going to any of the three stars recently.

(from memory so may be a little wonky)

3 amuses then

poached oyster with a green apple granita or something

scallop sashimi

tomato salad






raspberry desert

mille feuille with apricots


The grouse was roast, off the bone, with a sauce (deconstructed bread sauce idea) made of a sourdough consomme infusion with little bits of foie in.

The lobster and the turbot were both amazing. No duds.

The food is in 3-star territory. And the wine list is pretty good too. Just a terrific meal.

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It was fantastic. We sat at the counter and ordered the more modest of two 'let the kitchen surprise you' tastings. Which was plenty of food. I liked everything tasted but standouts were a dish of white asparagus with morels, the 'umami custard',an utterly exquisite scallop in tomato water, a very succulent and rare bit of pigeon, a chocolate and passion fruit dessert. The cooking is very clean and precise and the flavors are deep and clear. The depth of flavor in something as delicate as the scallop dish is quite astonishing. It is fascinating to watch the kitchen staff, they are efficient, quiet and have an economy of movement. And produce astounding food.


Very good, cordial service and a charming sommelier.

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here is my write-up of lunch here in very late august. the food really was fantastic (thanks to evelyn for more or less forcing me to make the reservation). presumably the single michelin star is entirely for non-food reasons--it's odd to think that hedone has the same number of stars as trishna, the clove club and st. john (where i dined the same evening). my review, however, also contains my reservations about being a solo diner at the counter (i didn't encounter any friendly chefs or staff who were going out of their way to chat with me) and another description of the dessert oddness at the end of my meal.





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people here may aready know this but vedat milor has tv shows and is nationally known in turkey, which I found surprising because it's so hard to imagine a member of the american food media having either the kind of experience of real high end european food he does and the candor to write about it honestly.

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I know this is annoying -- especially since Vedat is obvs a friend of Mikael's and thus knows what he's talking about -- but I went to Hedone in 2011. So to say that when he first visited in 2013 was early days is just not accurate. (Unless restaurant years are slower in London than here in New York.)

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