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[Asbury Park] Yappy Hour at the beach

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Pete Genovese visits a bar in Asbury Park that offers a playground for pets, and drinks for their companions. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, at the beachfront


Pesky little Chihuahuas, Cujo-sized Irish wolfhounds, plus Dobermans, pit bulls, Golden Retrievers, English bulldogs, LhasaPoos and scores of other dogs caught up in a great swirling shaggy dash around the tiki bar.


Must be Happy Hour — make that Yappy Hour — at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.


Free doggie treats for Fido and Fifi at the bar — and drink specials for humans, whose main job is to basically stay out of the way.


"I didn’t realize there’d be so many dogs here!" Sharon Eichin of Belmar said happily as Muddles, a LhashaPoo (half Lhasa Apso, half poodle) skittered behind her and 100-plus dogs partied like it was 1999, or whatever 1999 is in dog years.


"This is better than a dog park," said Chris Beronio of Eatontown as the three dogs he and wife, Sue, own — Sophie, RJ and Daisy — took turns sitting on their laps or joining the general pooch pandemonium.


Asbury Park

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