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NBA 2011-12

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BEIJING (AP)—The Chinese Basketball Association will restrict contracted NBA players from playing for domestic teams in the event the season is canceled, but will still allow free agents, state media reported Friday.


The CBA would bar players under contract such as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. They and others had expressed interest in playing in China if the NBA lockout drags on and results in the cancellation of all or part of the 2011-12 season.


The CBA said it will welcome free agent NBA players, but will require them to play an entire season in China, the Xinhua News Agency reported.


Xinhua said more restrictions would be announced before the start of the Chinese season on Nov. 20. It reported contracts would be designed to discourage players from ducking out for dubious reasons such as suspect injuries or unverified family problems at home.


CBA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

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I've been spending some time in Tuscaloosa working on a tornado relief golf tournament set for October. And, have been speaking with both current and retired Bama NBA guys. They are convincdd there won't be a season. And, there are rumblings that the NBRPA (which so far has maintained a neutral stance) will side with the players if the NBA tries to change the pension plan as it exists now. That would pretty much guarantee no play.

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It is looking like no season. And a number of players seem to be searching for foreign leagues in which to compete, among them our Mr. Bryant. I recall reading about the bygone days when a handful of players (including Sal Maglie)"jumped" to the Mexican league to play baseball. They ended up being suspended for something like 5 years. That wouldn't happen today.

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This lockout stuff is getting intense. Kobe meanwhile is working on Plan B (as in Bryant).


“Everyone wants a positive outcome to the deal, the goal of which is Kobe Bryant’s presence in Italy, economic interests for the 17 clubs in Serie A and more attention for all of Italian basketball,” the statement added.

The deal, however, hinges on other clubs changing their schedules to ensure Bologna has five home games during Bryant’s 10-game contract. Bologna also wants its opening five away games played in Italy’s biggest arenas, and wants to avoid an early-season bye.

Smaller clubs Cremona and Varese have been reluctant to alter their schedules, although the Italian league said Saturday it was intervening to help spur an agreement.

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