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Promenade des Anglais

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I went there a few night ago. The food was good, not great, I agree that is was not as fine as Allegretti's, The Provencal Fish Soup tasted slightly more rough around the edges-it doesn't have the enticing garlicky scent its former incarnation did. Pasta with Serrano Chile and rock shrimp was competent, although I couldn't seem to find the serrano chile in it. My dining companion had some sausage app. which he said was quite good, and the cuttlefish ragout for main. Service was attentive enough (They paid enough attention to know that he was taking me out for a belated Birthday treat), the decor appears to emulate a seaside resort from the 1930's. I'd go there more often if I lived in the neighborhood.

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I posted my review at the Pink Pig. Lousy lighting for photography, but there you go.


Yes, it's a bit rougher than Allegretti but very early days. The kitchen gets a bit behind; service is actually almost too friendly ("Yes, the dish is fine, let me eat it..."); and it's loud.


Trumping this, some striking dishes, from humble clam croquettes to the usual excellence of his fish.

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The mullet appetizer is incredibly delicious, and I would say the same of the char and monkfish mains. I thought the fish soup very good but would prefer that the grated gruyere-topped bits of rather tough baguette be switched out for lightly herbed toasts. The bread is awful. And non-French servers inserting French phrases into their conversation is just silly.


I'll be back.


It's a very pretty room with excellent lighting and comfortable booths (I would avoid the two tops from hell next to the bar) and every time I walk past which is often since I live on top of the place it appears to be booming. The chef can be frequently observed standing outside the restaurant chatting with passersby and incidentally providing tiptop eye candy.

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You have to be happy that Chef Allegretti finally has a hit.


Even though your comment was directed at Daisy, I'm thrilled that Alain is back, eye candy and all. We were regulars at Allegretti. We loved the food there, and the location was a short walk from our apartment. While we sometimes went for dinner, we were there much more often for lunch. In the afternoon, there were never many patrons. One time, it was just us and Sam Waterston.


Normally, we don't go to newly-opened restaurants. But we made an exception and had dinner at La Promenade on Sunday, September 25th, two days after the official opening. (I think maybe we beat you there, Sneak? That would be a first!)


We ordered the Artichoke Salad from the "For the Table" section of the menu and thought it would come out before the appetizers. But the three dishes came out at the same time. No big deal. We shared it and our two starters: the Perugina sausage and the grilled quail. We followed with the lamb chops for me and the chicken for my husband. Everything was perfectly prepared and delicious. After a cheese course, all of which were excellent, I had the baba au rhum, and my husband had gelato. I was pleased that this baba was really "rummy" since I'd had a baba at Allegretti which was lacking in that regard.


My husband asked for advice from the sommelier regarding wine pairings, and was very happy with the suggestions. For the cheese course, they offer a flight of three wines. I don't drink much, but I do like some sweet wines, and the Beaumes de Venise was right up my alley.


Considering they'd only been open to the public for two days, service was smooth and attentive. As has been noted, the decor is very attractive. The noise level was comfortable. Given the reports here to the contrary, perhaps it was fine the night we were there because all the tables were not occupied, and there weren't too many people sitting at the bar.


Alain came out to say hello just after we were seated. We chatted for a few minutes, and we wished him luck. He came out again before we left to ask how things were and to bid us "Adieu." He's as nice as he is talented and handsome.


La Promenade is further from us than Allegretti was. A long walk in nice weather (which it was that Sunday evening) or a short bus ride west on 23rd when the weather is not conducive to walking. Either way, we will be visiting often.



La Promenade photos



My blog

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If you're me, you've really got to overcome your disinclination to order fish on a mixed menu here.


Chef Allegritti's way with fish is tremendous.


(Allow me to direct your attention to the current swordfish entree.)


OTOH, I'd never before had the Perugina sausage -- not at Allegretti, either -- and it's pretty damned good.


ETA -- COMP DISCLOSURE: a quartino of wine.

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