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the chew

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Another food adventure from Gordon Elliott. More about people, less about cooking. From the article:


“The Chew” is one of the many new food shows that are sprouting not only in the expected places like the Food Network and its sibling, the Cooking Channel, but also on TLC, Discovery, Outdoor, Spike and ABC. Americans’ growing interest in food is generating a seemingly indigestible glut of culinary programming in just about every time slot. Last month, the Food Network tied its own ratings record, according to Nielsen Media Research, and had more male viewers than ever before. Both statistics have been trending higher since 2009.


“We are seeing a constant thirst for more food programming,” said Andy Donchin, the director of media investments at Carat, a global marketing services firm. “The Chew,” he said, was proof that the food niche has become big enough to earn its own talk show, and that network television was still where food advertisers want to be, despite the changing media scene. “Reports of the death of television have been highly exaggerated,” he said.




Continuing a longtime trend, this fall’s new food shows — including “The Chew” — will be more about people and places and less about actual cooking. Veteran producers like Dave Serwatka, who has worked on all nine seasons of “Top Chef” at Bravo, say that chefs are now more compelling as people than as professionals.

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got a free book by dr oz's daughter daphne on how to lose the "freshman 15". was also amused by gordon elliot's backstage antics

The reason she has the gig. Nice how you did that.


A good friend used to be very friendly with Gordon Elliot. He can be enormously entertaining but he can also be a real pain in the ass.

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