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you know you're old when...

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Meanwhile, at the dB's show at LPR at the beginning of the summer.


This show has tables. At my table are a couple, a little younger than me, and their daughter, who looks to be about 18.


I'm sitting at the table bopping around heavily (this was my Favorite White Rock Band at the turn of the 70s/80s, after all).


The woman taps me on the shoulder and leans toward me.


"My daughter wanted me to tell you that she thinks you're adorable."



As half of a "cute old couple," I sympathize.

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They pull you off the voting line and tell you to walk right in cuz you look like you're too old stand that long.

...you wonder what ever happened to the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly librarians of my youth.   i went to my local branch of the public library to get a pin code in order to borrow ebooks and

Jane, I'm so glad for you that it hurts.

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EXTREMELY TALL DUTCH GUY: I just want to tell you how courageous you are.


Yes, it's come to this.


Bah, years ago at a Dictators show at Coney Island High, young dude: "Great to see you still coming out to shows."


Do you know how old the Dictators are?

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This extremely beautiful woman in her late 20s is kind of begging me to take her to see the ABT Swan Lake.


But as much as I'd relish a night out (and eventually, one expects, in) with her, I just can't abide sitting through an ABT Swan Lake.


Thirty years ago, the calculus would have been different.

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