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[Asbury Park] Porta Pizza

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Tommy:eats does its usual competent job discovering a new pizza place in Asbury Park. I may be down there this week, so I'll keep it in mind. (Porta Pizza : 911 Kingsley Street : Asbury Park, NJ : 732.776.7661)


Either way, it's getting some good reviews, and their pizza carbonara is getting some specific attention on blogs and from yelpers and what have you.


The attraction seems to be pizza carbonara. Although t:e hasn't yet checked out the place in its opened state, it provided inspiration for his creation of an egg and guanciale pizza. Good reading...


Porta Pizza

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Susan Leigh Sherrill of the NorthJersey.com discusses the evolution of this restaurant. Described as a slice of Venice CA in NJ...


The menu includes starters such as bagna cauda – the newly popular, anchovy-based Italian vegetable dip, and pan roasted octopus. Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in the open kitchen are all made with San Marzano tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil; the ricotta cheese is prepared daily in-house. Among the choices are the Lamborghini – tomatoes, lamb prosciutto, pecorino, garlic and arugula, and Carbonara – guanciale, Parmigiano Reggiano, roasted egg, parsley and black pepper. For dessert, there's Nutella pizza and a list of artisanal gelatos and sorbets from the heralded Capogiro in Philadelphia: rosemary honey goat milk gelato; grapefruit with Campari sorbet.



Porta in Asbury Park

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Nice place. Really nice place.


Large industrial space, cinder blocks make up two walls, glass garage doors on the third side, and a large open kitchen with two beehive ovens in view. Lights hanging on wires, free standing bar in the center of the room. Long communal tables. No big screen TVs. No TV at all, actually. In addition to the large glass garage doors to the patio, the other walls are decorated with doors of every shape, size, and color


Friendly service, good collection of bottled, canned, and draft beer. Whimsical mixed drinks.


Very light flexible pizza, char on the bottom. Dee and I split an Autumn Betty (three kinds of mushrooms, tallegio, mozz). Looked to be a 13 inch size. The bread is excellent, really has a good taste.


Also had a pork and greens sandwich. Inspired by the DeNic specialty, this was a sandwich of sliced pork pieces and rabe, with a spoonful of spicy cooking broth. Wrapped inside a thick pita-sized slice of the grilled bread. Big sandwich, messy to eat, but it was very tasty. Big pieces of meat, seasoned greens.


I had a Nuova Mattina (very dry, slightly sweet, nice head). Dee had a Genessee Cream Ale.


Not an especially inexpensive shore joint. The pizza was about $15, the Mattina was $12, the sandwich was $8.50, the cream ale might have been $5. Very nice place. We probably could have done quite well with two Jennies, and one pizza


The restaurant took some water during the recent storm. "About a foot" I was told, and electric was out for a day and a half. As the restaurant is about a block from the ocean, they are prepared. Much of the kitchen is up a small ramp, perhaps 18 inches off the main floor. The ovens sit on a nice pedestal, and the pedestal is up on the higher platform. Electric junction boxes are high on the walls, or on the ceiling. I didn't notice any low level electric connections at all, not even at the bar.

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There is going to be a great fundraiser/toy drive at Porta on Thursday, December 20th at 7pm!


Bring a toy and $20 and be treated to some great food and drink! There will be passed appetizers, several varieties of pizza and dessert!


For more information please visit www.atableshare.com! Please visit their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tablesharing) to read about what they have doing!


All proceeds to benefit TEAM JERSEY (a 501©3 non-profit organization).



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Another excellent pizza today. This was the carbonara version. Finely chopped pork belly, chopped mushrooms, cheeses (maybe tallegio and a harder cheese) on a wonderful flexible crust.


The craft beer was a Keegan's Mother's Milk on tap. Wonderful light taste, fragrant.


The place was jumping on a Sunday afternoon. The bar was full to overflowing, every seat taken and two people deep in several places. The restaurant was about 2/3 filled. Lots of families. Three piece jazz group arrived and began to play..


These people are doing a lot of things right.

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The NY Times likes it. Fran Schumer lavishes an "excellent". There's a mention at the end of the review that new locations are planned. That sounds wonderful.



Among the outstanding selections are one called 14 ½, made with tiny, spicy Calabrian chilies and meaty soppressata; Spring Betty, which includes leeks, goat cheese and a velvety sauce produced from dried morels that Paul Holzheimer, the other executive chef, steeps in heavy cream; and the fancifully named Radiculous, Porta’s vegan option. The key ingredient in the rich, sweet, garlicky sludge on top of the vegan pie is cashew ricotta, which, if not quite as rich as real ricotta, pairs beautifully with ribbons of slightly singed radicchio.

The reach of Porta’s talent extends far beyond pizza. The memory of its crunchy, pan-roasted octopus and vibrant fennel salad prompted a friend to send me an e-mail from a restaurant in Milan: “Porta cooked its octopus with far more skill; it was better-dressed and better-seasoned.”




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Actually, the high quality of the antipasti makes the Brooklyn chauvinist in me say that it sounds like Franny's. Higher praise than that I cannot imagine.


It's a really nice place. The lunch service tends to be more laid back, and I've had the opportunity to chat with the pizza makers, get a close up of the ovens etc when things are quiet.


I suspect the concept will prove to be transportable

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Teresa Politano of the Star-Ledger offers a very positive review of Porta Pizza in the context of the "new Asbury Park" and the "old Asbury Park". I knew the old warehouse had been a club in the past, but i didn't know it was where Bruce Springsteen met Clarence Clemons. That's interesting.



Tuscan kale salad ($12) is a statement salad, a more-than-oversized plate of crisp, crisp greens topped with shaved Parmesan and enlivened even more by a generous spark of lemon. Even if you share it, you’ll feel piously healthy for the evening. Tender day-boat octopus ($16) is more about Tuscany than Madrid, glistening with olive oil and peppered with capers.

Pizza is the specialty, with ovens imported from Italy, dough as thin as parchment and a certified pizzaiola setting the standards. The pizza is as rustic and modern as the dance-floor sculpture, ancient techniques married, in one offering, to sausage made of rabbit, olives and pork; in another, to goat cheese and broccoli rabe pesto. The carbonara pizza ($13), with guanciale, roasted egg and Parmesan, began as a novel adventure, then disappeared quickly as a seductive hit. More cheesy — and less novel, though appealing in its own right — was the Open Porta pizza ($13), with San Marzano tomatoes, spinach and homemade ricotta.



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is this my best bet in asbury park? anyone tried pascal and sabine's? or the german themed beer hall?


We've been to Pascal & Sabine once for dinner in August of 2014. The food was very good, service was fine, and the atmospherics were pleasant. I've not heard or read anything to indicate that the food has deteriorated in any way.


Photo set

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