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The worst Halloween candy was apples. Red delicious and McIntosh were popular if memory serves. We’d throw a few at each other and the rest were saved for mom who’d make an apple cake or tarte tatin. In retrospect, I suppose they weren’t so bad.

Ooooh,you have reminded me of caramel apples and candy apples. The best thing about Halloween in my opinion. But not really trick-or-treat material.


I put them in a kid's top ten most memorable treats. The texture, stickiness, color, apple mixing with crackling shell. Sensory overload. Like it was yesterday I remember my first. Best thing ever. And then the caramel version years later. Even better but less shock value. I haven’t had either in, hmmmm, 20yrs? I can’t wait to see my daughter bite into her first. That will be something. Maybe we'll share one of each.


Squib, The best candy to offer is the one you pretend you ran out of. :D

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What's a fun candy to give out? My neighbor trumped my assortment of chocolate candy bars last year by giving out bracelets that glow in the dark. Do kids like candy bracelets and necklaces? Wax fangs filled with syrupy stuff?

they like cough syrup laced with codeine and packages of sudafed

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I was tempted by the bag of assorted gory body parts. But they weren't very interesting. I think they were gummy candy shaped like teeth, noses, ears, with scars or something.

i bought a bag of chocolate miniatures last week, i ate the last one today. but there are 300 other apartments here, those kids will do just fine without my candy

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Halloween: Best Evangelistic Time of the Year?


By Jeff Schapiro | Christian Post Reporter

Mon, Oct. 31 2011



The Christian community is divided over how to approach Halloween, some saying it is a pagan holiday Christians should avoid while others argue that there is no better time for ministry. . . .


Calvin Hekman, director of The Tract League, says that it would be wise for Christians to also pass out candy when they pass out tracts to trick-or-treaters.


“It's important to be generous and courteous when we present the Gospel,” Hekman told The Christian Post in an interview on Monday. . . .



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The first to go were the mini bags of seasoned broad beans from Jing Jing market. I don't think they knew what they chose - the bags just looked different from everything else. The rest were standard mini bars.

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