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This is getting wonderfully... baroque. Joan of Arc = game ravioli?

i so thought more people would catch that humor. Maybe the world just isnt as sexually minded with food as yours truly! LOL The portuguese love the sex humor.

my quail was pretty indecent too (once the mind sets on the track...)


very fun event, some very good food, beautifully plated, liked the wines too. and great to see everyone.


Dave, the photos are terrific. love that laptop showing the game :lol:

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I had a wonderful time last night at my very first Um Segredo dinner, a tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Needless to say, there was alcohol in every course, plus a special watermelon gin & tonic to start.


The menu:


--Lobster and sake, melon, pickled cucumber, shiso. Lots of fresh flavors. The sake element was a foam/cream.

--Fresh corn polenta, poached egg, bourbon foam, summer truffle. The dish was covered in shaved truffles. This was my favorite dish of the night--all of the elements blended so well

--Seared foie gras, coconut curd, rum crumble. The foie gras was simply seared, and surprisingly the coconut went well with it.

--Surf and Turf: veal short ribs, rock shrimp, baby vegetables, brandy cream

--Molten chocolate cake, port sorbet and vanilla ice cream swirl


Dave is a gracious host and the company was good too. I felt satisfied without being super full, a good thing considering we didn't finish until about 11:30. My only complaint is it got very loud after a while and I had to shout to make myself heard.


While I can't afford to make this a regular thing, it'll be a nice splashout every so often.

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Is the Santos Seafood Shack open for regular business? Am I completely behind with the news?


Yes. And Yes.


We went to Pier NYC in July. No surprise that Dave's food is fantastic.




ETA: I didn't see Dave's reply before I posted.

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Just to update everyone on whats going on


Saturday the 15th $65


Menu is all you can eat shrimp, clams, corn, potatoes, sausage, corn bread with different butters, and all you can drink PBR's. Come enjoy the view and some good food.




The next dinner is another one from our author series. This time we are hitting an alive and well writer who speaks my language. Literally! The author is someone who has published many books to date, but is probably best known for his work, The Alchemist. A man with an interesting life who is from a country I've always wanted to visit.... Brazil! So here is the menu of put together to honor Mr. Paulo Coelho.


These tickets can be obtained through Underground Eats, and the dates are Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday the 13th.




Crudo of dourade

Pickled hearts of palm, mango vin, chili oil


Charred octopus salad

Arugula, shishito peppers, oven dry tomatos, Brazil nuts


Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew)

Shrimp, crab, snapper, rice fritters, cilantro sauce



My version of the Brazilian classic


Coconut tapioca

lime syrup, passion fruit sorbet


The next dinner I'm going to discuss is one that I am very excited about, not only from a food standpoint, but also from a location standpoint. This is Um Segredo's first event at our larger, new Brooklyn location. I know some of you have been waiting for this for a while now. The theme for the dinner is going to be Oktoberfest. Well, at least Oktoberfest my way. The same BYOB rules will apply here, and I imagine some of you are gonna want to beer it up for this one though...Or a nice Riesling is always good!


Oktoberfest- $55


Friday, September 21- all open


Saturday, September 22- all open


Schnitzel (haven't quite decided if its going to be pork or veal)

Salad of pickled baby carrots, poached egg, carrot pesto



Duck sausage, foie gras, onion cream


Brook Trout

Braised red cabbage, caraway crisps, juniper foam


Roast Pork Loin

Bacon, mustard, heirloom potato salad


Ginger Snap Ice cream

Plum compote, pretzel crumble



Lastly, I like to base my dinners on timely happenings, and this month marks the anniversary of one of the most influential explorers of all time - Ferdinand Magellan. He also happens to be from my native Portuguese heritage, so this meal allows me to incorporate my ethnic spin into a menu that also celebrates his journey. Each course is inspired by a critical destination along his route.


Magellan Circumnavigates the World Dinner - $65


Thursday, September 27 - all open

Saturday, September 29 - all open



escabeche of seppia, saffron, shishitos, charred onions



shrimp, green plantains, pickled papaya, coriander vinaigrette



empanadas de pino - beef, onion, roasted garlic potato foam



suckling pig, rice, quail egg, pickled cabbage


Cape Verde

Portuguese cheese, tomato marmalade, pickled onions



torijos (French toast), orange curd, chocolate sauce



Hope to see everyone at the dinners.

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