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This three-star review of Roberta's is a classic:

I didn't even know about this place until my coworker brought me here to have dinner. I still don't get it. Cool, but so what if they make their own bread and grow their own vegetables...nearby, or whatever the story was?!

The pizza was good, but then again, I didn't eat anything the whole day and would've thought Papa John's was good, too. Everything tastes good when you're hungry.

All the waiters looked alike, and we waved down the wrong waiter every time. Tall, lean, brunettes with sleeve tattoos. It was annoying...especially when you're starving.

Also, I didn't realize the wine was served by glass only, (unless you ask for a bottle)...so they only brought over one glass of wine. Getting the other glass took for freaking ever.

Overall, it was a nice change to get the hell away from the city.


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I am embarrassed to admit it but I use Yelp. It's coverage is broad and it has handy features like being able to locate nearby bars. That said, the ninny level is much higher than it should be. I'v

Yelp makes Mama Lucia's sound really good.

I saw that but it seemed amateurish. Here at MF we are the Seal Team 6 of ranting.   Come on, play along. Look up 2 of your favorite neighborhood restaurants on Yelp, sort the results by rating, a

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This one for Randolph Beer is awesome!


2 star review


I visited this place twice during a recent visit to NYC. The first time, it was late in the afternoon, the place was quiet, and I enjoyed picking a selection of beers for their taster offer. The beer menu was varied and the bartender was knowledgeable, and super friendly. She even gave a few tastes of beers I was curious about which I hadn't ordered as we chatted. It was an altogether good experience. The place struck me as a little pretentious, but I was treated well. While there, I also noticed a comfy looking back area. Since I was visiting several friends in town, I decided to see if I could reserve that area and invite them to join me. It turned out it was really an area for staff to relax, but they let me book it anyway. For this part of my experience, I give four stars.



It gets good here!

So I returned a few nights later. The place was much louder, filled with hipster clientele. The space in back had been reserved, so my friends and I settled in. But then I had a small issue with the bartender. I wanted to try a beer cocktail. Well, they don't really do those but he said he could mix a beer and a spirit. I asked for a taster of the spirit, and said "I'll pay for it" - meaning the taster. I was then offered a taste. After approving the mix, which he said might be weird, I took it back to my table, only to find I didn't like it much. When I tried to return it in favor of something else, he said that I'd already said I'd pay for it, so he wouldn't give me a refund or an exchange and I was stuck with my weird drink. Now granted this was partially my fault, but I was still outraged. That's not customer service. Someone says they don't like something, you accommodate them. On top of that, he'd put a double shot of the spirit (an expensive one) into a glass of beer (an expensive one) and my no-good drink ended up coming to more than $25!! With no possibility of a refund. I spoke with the manager, who backed up his bartender. So this time when I left, I had a bad taste in my mouth, literally and metaphorically. Hence the two star review


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When the fuck did these whiny little bastards start imagining that every restaurant and bar has a "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" policy?

The bar doesn't serve beer cocktails. He insisted - they accommodated him. He tasted the liquor - the bartender warned him it would be weird but he approved it. Then when the little bony assed prick decided he didn't like it after all he thought the bar should just pour it down the drain and give him a different drink for free.

What fantasyland do they live in? See, if LiquidNY only knew about that implied "satisfaction guaranteed" policy he could have just asked for his money back at Blanca because after all, that's customer service.

I've heard this "money back guarantee" story on Yelp before. Crown Victoria.

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This one's for Wilfrid. :D


Sammy's is a national treasure, a NYC institution and a historical landmark all wrapped into one awesome experience! It is simply one-of-a-kind!

Sammy's Roumanian


"We need to preserve places like this because they represent the diversity that is NYC, the quintessential NYC dining experience, food that you never see anymore, and a sense of community that will leave you feeling happy that you came, and aching to come back!"


It's a pity the Five Points district isn't what it was.

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