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I am embarrassed to admit it but I use Yelp. It's coverage is broad and it has handy features like being able to locate nearby bars. That said, the ninny level is much higher than it should be. I'v

Yelp makes Mama Lucia's sound really good.

I saw that but it seemed amateurish. Here at MF we are the Seal Team 6 of ranting.   Come on, play along. Look up 2 of your favorite neighborhood restaurants on Yelp, sort the results by rating, a

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Having just reviewed Spicy & Tasty here I cross posted it to CH and Yelp. While I was there I decided to play the Yelp Ninny game. I sorted the reviews by stars and then resorted so the one stars came out on top. This one is priceless.

I reserve my 1 star ratings for only the truly abhorrent and abominable. That is why I have not given a 1 star rating on Yelp since August 2011... Until now...

Yes, Spicy & Tasty is truly that horrible to warrant 1 star. I visited the restaurant upon the recommendation of a friend. I had never been to Flushing before, but have been to Chinatown in downtown Manhattan and have also been to China itself. I was looking forward to eating Chinese food in Flushing. The experience I got at Spicy & Tasty was terrible...

I ordered the Mild Spicy Sichuan Chicken. It was hot and came with lots of peppers, but that's nothing I couldn't handle. What I couldn't handle was the Sichuan peppercorn, which looked like an acorn and left my mouth feeling not just numb, but feeling like a a bunch of tiny fingers were going down my throat. As I felt my throat constrict, I thought I would have to go to a hospital emergency room.... I called the waiter over and asked if he could change my dish, since I couldn't eat that. He shook his head and said no, he would not exchange my dish, even though I had only taken 2 bites of my meal so far. I asked again and still he said no and he proceeded to try to "explain" to me what the pepper was. He said it was peppercorn. I told him I know that and I've had peppercorn numerous times before and cook my steaks with peppercorn every time, but that this particular type of peppercorn was making my throat tight and that I couldn't eat that dish and wanted to exchange it for another one. How stupid could this waiter be? Did he not realize that if he forces customers to eat dishes that make them sick/injure them he could be sued and his restaurant could get shut down? Apparently not. It really doesn't take a law student to understand the major liability issues in this scenario. At that point, another waiter was there as well and laughing like a clown in the background. Yes, he was LAUGHING at me, the customer! There was no respect, no service, nothing. Just pure mocking. We were mortified at that point.

You little tool. So much for Yelp Elite.

Yes, he was LAUGHING at me, the customer!


It would have taken a heart of stone not to laugh. "Major liability issues" my ass. Take that to court and you'll hear the judge laugh too.

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Can we post epically dumb blog comments here? Oh we can? Good.


From a food bloggers comment section of a very lukewarm review of The Hand & Flowers a 2 star michelin gastropub in the UK.




I ate there at the beginning of the year. Wasn't impressed. At best, I thought it was good bistro food. At worst, I thought it was not good. When I booked the table, I explained that my wife didn't eat meat or seafood that 'looked like it used to when it was alive'. I went on to explain ' this means that fish filleted is fine, however fish with its head and tail and fins isn't. Prawns that are shelled are fine, prawns still in their shell isn't. Its unusual, but I thought that I was very clear. When I received a call to confirm the table, I mentioned this again. I was told its no problem. We turned up and found not a single dish on the main menu didn't have meat on it - even the fish courses. I expect better from this from a 1 star restaurant, however for a 2 star place, this is awful.
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That's great. I hope they did it on purpose.


(he doesn't mention if the meat was still on the bone/filleted/shelled or not though??)


I, myself, also hate restaurants that make hamburgers in the shape of a cow (or, if it's in NYC, the shape of a lamb). On the other hand, I really don't mind my chicken nuggets being assembled on the plate to look like a chicken. Now that's creative!

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