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I am embarrassed to admit it but I use Yelp. It's coverage is broad and it has handy features like being able to locate nearby bars. That said, the ninny level is much higher than it should be. I'v

Yelp makes Mama Lucia's sound really good.

I saw that but it seemed amateurish. Here at MF we are the Seal Team 6 of ranting.   Come on, play along. Look up 2 of your favorite neighborhood restaurants on Yelp, sort the results by rating, a

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Re My Brisket House (David's) in Bay Ridge -





To quote Johnny LaRue, you cheap punk. This is the medium sandwich we had at MBH yesterday. $12.




A "ripoff"? Only in Bizarro Yelpworld.

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A one star review of Grand Sichuan House in Bay Redge, one of my favorite Sichuan restaurants.

Nasty place. Nasty staff and chief. Just walked in there for a lunch after reading some good reviews. No greeting waitress asked me to sit. Their chief next to me was eating noodle soup making animal noises and watching TV. After reviewing their menu I asked the waitress if she could ask their chief to cook noodle soup with shredded duck and spinach. They had similar dish with chicken. But her answer was rude and she stated that's a menu you must look at menu and order whatever there. I couldn't take such a rudeness and stood up asking her politely to learn some manners when she speaks to customers and left. While I was leaving the door she made a dissatisfied noise. Never will step in to this place again and don't recommend to anyone.

So to recap, she walked into the place during the staff meal and ordered an off menu item. They turned her down. She stormed out of the place telling the waitress to learn some manners.


Her only other Yelp review is for a nail place. Also a one star.

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It's been my universal experience that you NEVER ask for more time before ordering unless you want to kick back for a very long time. It's like when your plane aborts a landing and has to circle for 45 minutes to get a new runway slot.

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It was his whole attitude about the owner or manager writing to him and his overall smarm. This is a restaurant that is making their own masa and tortillas and its

A small place. And he is talking shit because he can get take out from a whole in the wall Mexican Place and sit At home for cheaper? No kidding. You could eat a can of dog food and make prison wine in your bathroom for half the price of your take out Mexican. You can dumpster dive outside a Taco Bell also.


Funny story, I sat next to the owner of el atorodero yesterday. He is really s very nice person.

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