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The Pete Wells Thread

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According to Eater   Let the grumbling begin.

Even now when everybody has seen pictures of all the major reviewers, there's hope for anonymous restaurant reviewing.



I sometimes wish Mongo were here to help us assess the recent influx of more ambitious Indian restaurants. [it's interesting that they're mostly imports.]


He doesn't have to be here. He can do comprehensive reviews based on the pictures alone. It's a rare talent.



yes. and based on those photos it's crap. save your money.


i mean, seriously, has the times cut its food photography budget?

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I thought Wells's Beatrice Inn review was strange. Strange in a good way.


He clearly loved the place: the only negative comment he had was that they don't pay enough attention to vegetables, which he didn't seem to mind at all. Yet, he gave the place the two stars it clearly seems to warrant, rather than three.


Why can Wells do this sometimes but not other times: realize that he can love a restaurant and that it can still be a two-star place?

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It's a bit worrying that this appears in the "Barely Cooked" section of the menu:


SAVORY PLUM TART / 23 Italian Prunes, Wild Arugula, Parmesan


But it does make me wonder whether the jam tart with shaved cheddar at Cockscomb is part of a trend.


Nice menu altogether. Game pie; lamb Wellington at $47 for two people. Hadn't been thinking about this place.

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Well, he did mention some items that did not work for him, and he thought the desserts could use some work, the cocktails are "somewhat busy," and the wine list needs more bottles under $70. Maybe that's his justification for only two. But I will say that his descriptions of many of the dishes made me want to try it.

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