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The Pete Wells Thread

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According to Eater   Let the grumbling begin.

Even now when everybody has seen pictures of all the major reviewers, there's hope for anonymous restaurant reviewing.


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Given the post-pandemic economy, no one's going to start a proper NYT ★★★★ / Michelin ★★★ restaurant any time soon, so they might as pave the way for the ★★★★ pizza slice.

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Agree with small h.  That ship has sailed, Wilf.  Not tenable anymore.  Not pandering at all.  Just accepting reality.  To do otherwise be offensive to much of The Times's readership (including me).

(I'll say it for the 23rd time:  you could just as justifiably argue that they shouldn't cover pop in music reviews cuz pop isn't "music".  That was a tenable [albeit certainly not valid] editorial policy in like 1940.)

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I remember when the very restaurant I had a fabulous dinner in tonight was given three stars several years ago, someone at a restaurant I respected complained that such a rating for such a restaurant was an insult to everyone who worked hard at and invested in having a real top-level restaurant.

He had a point.  But the fault is not in ourselves, but in the stars.

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41 minutes ago, small h said:

Uh oh. Now we need to define "restaurant." It's not a place that sells you ready to eat food and offers space to consume it?

Whole Foods is not a restaurant chain. The taco truck down the street is not a restaurant. The corner deli is not a restaurant. Shake Shack in JFK is not a restaurant. Someone offering delivery only is not running a restaurant.

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7 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

What's the point of a system where a place like Le Gratin, which has no particular relevance to anything, would be guaranteed a review, but a food truck like today's, which sounds genuinely great, could not get a review?

Sounds great. Has Wells explored the many other transient Dominican and Puerto Rican food trucks that show up late at night under bridges in the Bronx or out in Brooklyn? Is there a serious attempt to judge ranking here?

Or is it just silly pandering?

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