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According to Eater   Let the grumbling begin.

Even now when everybody has seen pictures of all the major reviewers, there's hope for anonymous restaurant reviewing.

You're conflating two different issues that I made the mistake of including in the same post. 1. Stars are useful to some people. 2. I'd rather read mostly facts with a little opinion than t

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Undermine it with "star inflation," so that the rankings eventually become meaningless? I can see the rationale behind that, but a large part of our decision-making seems to rely - at least partiy - on ratings. I filter by 4-star ratings when I'm shopping on Amazon, for instance, and I look at Rotten Tomatoes to help me decide whether to see a movie. In both instances, I also read actual words of actual reviews, because I know ratings don't tell the whole story, but they are at least something of a time-saver. But more to the point, I also sometimes search the NYT for a three-star restaurant in midtown or what have you. It's not the way I usually choose a restaurant, but it has its uses.

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Also, "$25 and Under" was an objective criterion based solely on price, so not involving ghettoizing by character.  And the lead critic could always snag one of those restaurants for a main review if he or she saw fit.

If you wanted to do a price cut-off now, what could it be, anyway?  "$100 and Under"?

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