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The Pete Wells Thread

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According to Eater   Let the grumbling begin.

Even now when everybody has seen pictures of all the major reviewers, there's hope for anonymous restaurant reviewing.

You're conflating two different issues that I made the mistake of including in the same post. 1. Stars are useful to some people. 2. I'd rather read mostly facts with a little opinion than t

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One un(?)intended consequence of the recent changes is that places from the 25 and under column, whatever it's called now, get the same "critic's pick" tag as everyone.

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@Wilfrid @Sneakeater  I Googled “JoJo restaurant review NYTimes.” The original 1991 review by Brian Miller comes up, as well as the 2002 William Grimes review. Both show ***. Obviously, still in the database though not reachable if you are searching via the Times site (which I’m guessing is how Sneakeater looked for it).

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Right.  I don't think anyone objects to the review's still existing (I mean, it was published; it's a fact).

I think the objection always has been that JoJo would still come up as a three-star restaurant if you were searching the Times database for one.

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